Average Size of the Male Organ – Varied Results

Men are more self conscious than they will generally let on. A lot of this is directed towards how they look and some of their self consciousness has to do with their penis. Some men feel inadequate especially when there are stories of men being 11 inches and 12 inches long. This can make any man who falls in the 5 inch or 6 inch range feel like he is literally coming up short. There have been studies done on the average size of the male organ but over the years the results have varied due to questionable measuring methods.

Average Size of the Male Organ

In years past, the average size of the male organ fell somewhere around 6.5 inches to 7 inches. Any man under that size may find himself feeling inadequate because he was less than average. Recent data shows that the average size is closer to 5.5 inches. The drastic change in size was due to how the measuring was taking place in the past. In past studies, men were allowed to measure themselves. This was flawed because not all men knew what counted as the starting point and what counted as the end point. There were no set directions and all the measurements were varied.

With the new and updated average size of the male organ, men are no longer allowed to measure themselves on their own. There is also a stated starting point of where to start measuring and there is a stated point of where to stop measuring. These stated points allows for accurate data collections and results that can be backed up by factual data. Studies are ongoing to measure a larger group of men and to make sure the results accurately reflect what was measured.

With the average size of the male organ being less than 6 inches, more men can rest easy knowing that they are not inadequate and they have a perfectly fine member. Stories of above average penis sizes are usually exaggerated and for those who do have a large penis, they are not as common as the stories lead people to think they are. Most men will fall in or around the average zone and have nothing to worry about or to feel bad about. Most men are concerned when it comes to women and women are not overly concerned with size. They are more concerned about how it is used and what all it can do.