Easy Ways to Solve Premature Ejaculation

Any form of sexual dysfunction can be a frustrating experience for both men and women. Sexual intimacy involves much more than just sexual satisfaction; both parties will have physical and emotional needs that should be met. If there is an inability to have a mutually satisfying sexual experience on a regular basis, this can lead to tension and disappointment for a couple. It is important that a couple dedicate themselves to working together to solve premature ejaculation for the greatest chance of success. Premature ejaculation means that a man can only prolong his orgasm for two minutes or less during intercourse.

After is has been diagnosed or even if a couple has talked about the problem and decided that this is an issue to address, there are many simple ways to solve premature ejaculation without seeking a doctor’s help. One of the most popular methods involves masturbating a few hours prior to sexual intercourse. Men benefit from this by desensitizing the penis and also slowing down the orgasm response. Women benefit from this by receiving stimulation for a long time prior to intercourse. As women typically take much longer to achieve climax, this can be extremely beneficial for the satisfaction of both parties involved.

A fun way to solve premature ejaculation is to get on the bed and practice, practice, practice. Frequent sexual activity has been shown to lengthen the sexual encounter, and men frequently achieve greater control over their orgasm time when they have had more sex. The longer the wait between sexual episodes, the greater the chance for men to have a hair-trigger type of orgasm. Couples will learn, if they have not already, that it takes time and skill to figure out what good sex is. It depends upon the people involved, and no two couples will have the same needs.

If these home remedies have not helped solve premature ejaculation, then it is time to see a doctor. A physician may run many different tests to rule out any underlying physical conditions that may be causing premature ejaculation. In addition, a sex therapist or a couple’s counselor may be recommended to offset the stress of living with such a condition. Psychological factors, like performance anxiety or situational premature ejaculation, can affect the ability of a man to hold off his orgasm. Seeking counseling may be a great way to ensure that intimacy and attraction can stay healthy in a sexual relationship.