These are the Questions Men are Afraid to Ask

By | Updated November 19, 2018
by Jason Vredenburg

Questions Men are Afraid to Ask

Where can I go if I want a bigger penis size?

Since the dawn of time, men have thought that the size of their sexual organ is equivalent to being real or true men. This has spurred people to find ways natural or otherwise to enhance the girth and length of a man’s penis. Today, the market is flooded with dozens of penis enlargement techniques to help improve the size of the penis.

One of the more radical ways to achieve this is through surgery which purports to add at least an inch to the length of one’s penis. Some less radical ways include penis enlargement devices and machines that add to the penis length and girth.

Some techniques involve penis enlargement exercises usually 3-step or 5-step exercise techniques done in a regular basis for a certain period of time. These exercises do work and are some of the safer and permanent penis enhancement techniques around.

There are all-natural male enhancement supplements that are also quite effective and safe to use. Some of these are quite effective and are growing in popularity.

Does it matter if the man is circumcised?

This is a hard question to answer since most women usually have one or two sex partners in their whole lives. If a woman marries a man who is circumcised or uncircumcised he will be the only sexual partner she’ll have. If his uncircumcised husband decides to get circumcised then she may answer the above question.

How can I achieve a longer erection without taking medications like Viagra?

Some products like desensitizing gel or spray applied to the penis can temporarily numb the skin of your penis which can help it stay erect for much longer. Also, there are some supplements like Delta Mass Pro which helps men to get harder and stronger erections. This will benefit your partner more than you but if she feels satisfied you can feel satisfied as well.

Is it normal if my penis tends to curve to the side?

Yes, that is perfectly normal for a lot of men and will not interfere in your ability to perform sexual intercourse with your female partner or wife.

Is there any solution to my premature ejaculation problems?

Premature ejaculation originates in the mind and is totally treatable. Here are some tips to avoid premature ejaculation:

  • When performing or getting foreplay, wear a condom so you are not too aroused or too stimulated that will trigger orgasm. Also you can experience foreplay without involving your penis. Improve the testosterone level which takes a dip as the man get old. Ageless Male Max is an option to overcome the sexual problems.
  • Talk to your partner about your problem so she can help you out with it
  • Don’t think too much while in the sexual act as this may lead to performance anxiety
  • Engage in prolonged foreplay with your partner
  • Be at ease with your partner
  • Consult a doctor if all else fails