Stop Early Ejaculation – How to Do It

Premature ejaculation is an issue wherein the man reaches orgasm before he can satisfy his partner sexually. While it is an embarrassing and frustrating condition, it’s also fairly common. Virtually every man alive will experience the issue at least once, and it occurs to many men on a semi-regular basis. There are numerous different steps that can be taken to help stop early ejaculation, some of them more effective and intensive than others. If you’re trying to learn how to prevent premature ejaculation then keeping a few of the following tips in mind could provide the solution that you’re looking for.

There are several different techniques that you can use to build up your stamina in the bedroom. The first is just to focus. While many men believe that trying to think about baseball or taking out the garbage will help premature ejaculation, the truth is that focusing on your body is vital for controlling orgasms. Controlling your breathing and recognizing when an orgasm is approaching is vital if you’re trying to stop early ejaculation. The distraction technique may work for some, but for most it isn’t the best option. Pay attention to your body and you’ll have better success.

When you feel the orgasm coming on, stop thrusting. Some men will withdraw completely and grip the tip of the penis with the thumb and two forefingers to stop early ejaculation. When the sensation passes, you can begin intercourse again. In many cases the missionary position is the hardest one to control orgasms in. Instead, consider having the woman be on top in the ‘cowgirl’ position. It’s a bit easier to control climax this way since it makes it easier to relax and control the muscles. And something as simple as masturbating an hour or so prior to sex could help you control ejaculation.

There are, of course, additional options. Some creams exist that can reduce the sensitivity of the penis during intercourse and in other cases simply slipping on a condom can desensitize the penis enough to stop early ejaculation. Exercises that work the male kegel muscles are also possibilities and can help you gain better muscular control and make it easier to prevent early ejaculation. And finally, in cases where psychological issues may be at play a visit to a professional counselor could help you take charge over your premature ejaculation by addressing the root cause of it. There are numerous options available, and trying each of them will help you find the one that is right for you.