9 Unknown Secrets to Long-Lasting erection that Will Make Her Stick to You

A strong and long-lasting erection is what a man needs to satisfy his partner. But, the sad thing is that there are many men who struggle to have a satisfying sex life due to sexual dysfunctions.

Talking about sexual dysfunctions, there are different types of sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, low libido, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic disorder, and so on.

Among the list of different male sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction is the most common forms of sexual dysfunction seen among men. The report[1] obtained from the study revealed that there are already over 18 million American men that are diagnosed with an erectile dysfunction.

The problem with a weaker erection is that it will make your sex life miserable because a man with a weak erection cannot satisfy their woman. When there is a miserable sexual experience, the sexual frequency automatically goes down, leading to a miserable sex life.

How to Achieve a Solid and Long-Lasting Erection?

The problem with most of the men out there is that they start to panic rather very quickly when they are encountered with sexual dysfunctions.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

They quickly jump into purchasing a product that promises a quick cure to their problem, and it fails to deliver any result to them.

The male sexual dysfunction and sexual health are a very hot topic on the internet. People are desperate for a cure, so they do not hesitate to open their wallet for solutions. But, the reality is that most of the products that are sold on the internet are scams.

There are some top male enhancement supplements that can do wonders for you, but again, you need to find the right supplements for you. Besides looking for products and treatment methods, there are some other secrets that are not talking about a lot, which can help you achieve a solid and long-lasting erection.

In the next section of this article, we will reveal the unspoken secrets to you.

What are the Top 9 Unspoken Secrets that Can Eventually Change Your Life?

Most of the people do not discuss these 9 secrets that can help you achieve a stronger and long-lasting erection. Here are the 9 unspoken secrets for improving your erection.

1. Consume Plenty of Vitamin B12

When it comes to achieving a strong erection, intake of enough vitamin B12 is a must. According to the study[3], a deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to an erectile dysfunction. The key to a strong erection is a smooth blood flow to the penis.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Consume Plenty of Vitamin

For a smooth blood flow throughout the body, our body needs enough vitamins. Vitamins play a crucial role in the blood production. Our body needs 6 micrograms of vitamin B12 a day. With that said, you must not totally rely on supplements to provide enough vitamins to your body.

I’m not saying that you should get rid of supplements, though. It’s better to get the necessary vitamins and other nutrients from natural foods rather than getting it from supplements. There are plenty of foods that are rich in vitamin B12, such as salmon, beef, yogurt, fortified cereals, and so on.

You can add these foods to lunch and snacks.

2. Have an Orgasm Every Single Day

An orgasm is the most satisfying moment after having a sexual intercourse. What is so great about orgasm is that it also helps in maintaining a good sexual health. When the penis is flaccid for a long period of time, it is deprived of oxygen-rich blood.

When the penis is deprived of oxygen-rich blood, it can lead some muscle cells to lose its flexibility. This can gradually cause the muscle cell to turn into akin to skin tissue.

The scar tissue is not what you want to have a better sexual health.
A scar tissue can affect the penis’ ability to expand when the penis is full of blood. Here is another reason to keep your skin healthy.

A man who is involved in daily orgasm has a 20% lesser risk of prostate cancer in comparison to those who are not having a daily orgasm. A daily orgasm helps in eliminating the chemicals and old cells. And, prostate cancer is also one of the major reasons for not being able to achieve a strong erection.

3. Consume Foods that are Rich in Arginine

By now, you must have understood the importance of having a healthy diet. You must be very careful in designing your diet plan because it plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your overall health.

Designing Your Diet

Another important nutrient that you need for a strong and long-lasting erection is arginine. You must make sure that you have included foods in your diet that are rich in arginine. Nitric oxide is a gas that is naturally produced by a body.

Having enough of this gas in the body helps blood vessels relax. When your blood vessels are relaxed, it promoted a smooth blood flow throughout the body, which includes penis as well. This is not possible without an essential amino acid known as L-arginine, which is responsible for producing nitric oxide.

If you want a strong erection, it’s a must that you need to stuff your refrigerator with foods that are rich in arginine. Some of the foods that are extremely rich in arginine are Turkey, chicken breast, lean pork, lentils, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. All of these foods are very tasty as well. Add these foods to your diet plan.

4. The Magic Number of Exercise Every Single Week

An exercise must be an important part of your life if you want to have a healthy life. The recent study[3] has shown that exercise is not only important for your physical health, but it can also enhance your mental health and power to think and memorize.

A proper workout is a key to a strong erection. A regular exercise helps in enhancing the cardiovascular health and reduces stress. An improvement in cardiovascular health and reduction of stress is exactly what is required for a strong erection.

OK, exercise is crucial for a healthy penis and a strong erection. What is that magic number that can help you achieve a strong erection? Should you exercise for 2-5 hours every single day in a week?

You will not get the maximum benefits out of your workouts if you are not working out properly. There was a recent study[4] that is related to this issue. The researchers examined 300 men.

The researchers found that the men who exercised the most were the ones with the highest sexual functions, which includes erection and the quality of an orgasm.

The guys who had 18 METS or metabolic equivalents every week were the ones that reported the best sex life. METS are the measurement of the amount of energy spent on an activity.

18 METS or 2-3 hours of strenuous cardio, such as running or swimming of moderate exercise is what you need for enhancing your erection.

5. Stay away from Cigarettes and Alcohol

Some people are regular smokers and drinkers while some others are there who just smokes and drink to look cool. You may be thinking that smoking and drinking make you cool or provide you relief, but it will not make you cool on the bed with your partner.

Stay away from Cigarettes

Just imagine not being able to satisfy your partner on the bed. How would that be? A person who smokes and drinks a lot has a higher risk of an erectile dysfunction. Beer is very rich in phytoestrogens, which is a plant-based chemical that is responsible for increasing the level of estrogen in the body.

As a man, you do not need a higher level of estrogen in the body. You need a higher level of testosterone in the body, which is crucial for a good sexual health. A higher level of estrogen can predominate over testosterone.

This will reduce your sex drive, which will not allow you to achieve a strong erection.

Talking about cigarettes, it is linked to many serious diseases, such as lung cancer, stroke, heart diseases, and so on. The people who smoke have a higher chance of arterial damage, which can double the risk of an erectile dysfunction.

However, it’s also possible to reverse the damage that is caused by smoking. But, the fact is that the cigarette is very addictive. Try to get help if you are having trouble quitting smoking.

6. Live on the Edge

Many men just want to reach climax as soon as possible. This will neither help men who want to get the maximum sexual satisfaction nor their partner who want to spend more time on the bed with their partner.

Use the buffed Pelvic floor muscles for delaying orgasm, which is also known as edging. When you get to the point of an orgasm, try to stop it or slow it down several times. The people who practice this more often are more likely to have a better sexual pleasure and more delightful orgasm.

7. Keep Dark-Chocolate Dove Bar with You

A dark-chocolate is like a medicine for an erection. Dark chocolates are rich in epicatechins, which are flavonoids that trigger the release of dilating chemicals in endothelial (layer of the arteries). Now, the question is how much dark chocolates you are going to consume.

Dark-Chocolate Dove Bar

Your body’s endothelial system plays a vital role in an erection, as your penis is made up of a large portion of endothelial surfaces. It’s very important to keep those surfaces healthy to have healthier arteries.

Look out for quality dark chocolates that are not only tasty, but also full of flavonoids.

8. Mix Things Up

You must have heard of cases of couples having lesser and lesser sex. After years of marriage, we need more and varied sexual stimuli for keeping sex life excited. You should be aware that sexual arousal comes with both senses and fantasy.

There is nothing wrong with fantasizing your partner. It will help in creating your own sexual Sundance festival.

There are plenty of things you can do to mix things up. Search for different sex positions or some other ways that can help in making your sex life exciting. Do not try everything at once, though. Just try one thing at a time to keep the flame of excitement burning.

9. Do Not Think Too Much

Do Not Think Too Much
Sex is not only about your physical power and ability, but it is also deeply connected to your mental power. It’s normal to think about how would you perform on the bed with your partner, but untamed tensions can hamper your erection.

Too much stress can release epinephrine that can hamper your arteries. A negative impact on arteries will directly affect your erection. Search for the ways to manage your stress in order to improve the chances of achieving a stronger erection. With lesser stress, you have a better chance of performing in better.

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Closing Thoughts

The top 9 secrets that I’ve revealed to you will definitely help you improve your erection. However, you should be patient enough to see the results. Do not look after an instant gratification from your efforts.

If you keep following the secrets that are revealed in this article, you will not only have a satisfied sex life, but you will also make more money.

Wait! What? Yes, it’s not my personal opinion, but it is what a study[5] has to say. The result obtained from the study found a positive correlation between the amount of money made and an active sex life.

With that said, you should not take the 9 secrets as ultimate secrets to cure a severe erectile dysfunction. These secrets can help in improving the condition of those who are having problems with a mild erection problem, but they are definitely not the medical methods of treating an erectile dysfunction.

If you are struggling with a severe erection dysfunction or some other sexual problems, it’s recommended to consult a doctor without any hesitation.

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