What I Can Do To Last Long With Premature Ejaculation?

by Nick Swanson

For any man wondering ‘how do I last longer in bed?’, there are plenty of options. If you have severe problems like premature ejaculation, you may want to consider antidepressants. While they aren’t for everyone, they can help men last longer because one of their side effects is a lowered ability to achieve orgasm. For most people that wouldn’t be a side effect they would ever want, but it can be helpful to men who are having trouble lasting very long in the bedroom. If you consider this option, be sure to talk to your doctor and weigh your choices carefully.

What I Can Do To Last Long With Premature Ejaculation?

Men who don’t have premature ejaculation problems but who just want to last longer to get more enjoyment out of the experience may want to use distraction to help them. People used to joke that a man should ‘think about baseball’ to last longer during sex. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what a man thinks about as a distraction, as long as it isn’t something related to sex and it’s something he can focus on. Taking his mind of the sexual encounter, even for a few minutes, can help him last much longer in bed. He will enjoy the experience more, and so will his partner.

Stopping when you get close to ejaculation and then starting again after you’ve calmed down can also allow you to last longer. In some cases, it can also make the orgasm more satisfying and stronger, although that’s not the case for all men. How do I last longer in bed is a question that men have been asking for years. There are always new ideas appearing, but they don’t always work that well. Some techniques also work better for some men than others, so that’s important to consider. No matter what technique you choose, if it’s something that will affect your partner be sure to discuss it beforehand. That avoids awkward surprises.

You can also consider taking longer with foreplay, as this can help to satisfy your partner without the need for an extended period of actual intercourse. Having open communication with your partner is very important, because the two of you can address what you like and don’t like. When you do that, you’ll be able to have a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual experience, no matter how long it takes. The quality of the experience may be much more significant to the two of you than the length of that experience.