Suffering from Premature Ejaculation and Learn from a Man’s Point of View

by Nick Swanson


Premature ejaculation is a complicated problem for a man, and may involve both physical and psychological causes. Studies have shown that one in five men will have a bout with premature ejaculation at some point, and other may have it their entire lives. Depending upon the cause, it can be simple or extremely difficult to treat.

New evidence has hinted that a specific penis nerve sensitivity may be the main culprit, and the nerve may trigger involuntary orgasm despite the best intentions. Treatments can and do run the spectrum from alternative therapy with hypnosis to a mix of anti-depressants and Viagra.

A man suffering from premature ejaculation can be a deeply bewildered person. If he is unfamiliar with the causes or treatments, he may feel defensive in the bedroom and try to shift blame or withdraw in shame.

This will usually cause tension in a relationship, which can lead to further difficulties with sex. The best method to combat a sexual dysfunction of this nature is to have sex more frequently, not less. A greater frequency of sexual activity can serve to stimulate the hormone testosterone, and may boost performance and relieve performance anxiety. A couple may need therapy to work through premature ejaculation.

Counseling may be the last thing a man with premature ejaculation wants, but it may be the best method of treatment. It is important to come to an understanding with the personal causes and look through coping techniques.

In time, a man will be able to remove his ego from the premature ejaculation label, and see that a positive outlook in the face of continued therapy can work towards a normal sex life. In addition, counseling may help cement the fragile bonds with a partner who has been dissatisfied with the lack of sexual satisfaction, and help bring back intimacy.

Premature ejaculation can affect every man very differently, both physically and mentally. Visiting a doctor can help rule out any underlying or unknown physical ailments that may be causing the problem. Low testosterone or a cardiovascular condition can cause premature ejaculation.

A few simple tests can help a man back onto the path to physical and sexual wellness. Doctors see a surprisingly large number of patients who experience premature ejaculation issues, and may have simple and effective techniques that could work towards prolonging the orgasm. Always see a doctor before taking any new medications, either homemade organic products or man-made supplements.