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A dip in testosterone levels in men usually comes with numerous health complications which affects men who are aged 40 years and above. Some of the effects of reduced testosterone levels in a man’s body include reduced cognition, reduced sex drive, abdominal fat gains and unusual weight gain. Research also suggests that normal testosterone levels in the body always ensure a good and healthy cardiovascular system. This is where Super Miraforte comes in because basically it is an all-natural supplement that is made to increase free testosterone levels in the body. It contains two main potent ingredients which are Chrysin and Nettle root extract. It is said that these two ingredients help to inhibit the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen thus enhancing free testosterone levels. Another important ingredient called Bioperine is also added to the supplement to enhance the absorption of Chrysin into the bloodstream.

The supplement is sold at the cost of $62.00 at its official site but there are options for buying the supplement in bulk at discounts.

Manufacturer information and their claims about Super Miraforte

Super Miraforte

The supplement is made by the life Extension Foundation, a company which has got a good reputation in the manufacture of quality supplements. According to the company Super Miraforte is formulated with two distinct and powerful natural ingredients in the name of chrysin and nettle root extract which help to raise the levels of testosterone in the body. They also claim that they have added another ingredient called Bioperine which helps to increase the absorption of chrysin into the bloodstream making the supplement be able to give results in the shortest time possible.

How does Super Miraforte Work?

Super Miraforte is formulated with powerful natural ingredients chrysin and nettle root extract that help to stabilize the production of testosterone levels in the body. Now these two ingredients have been found to help inhibit aromatization (conversion) of testosterone to estrogen consequently boosting free testosterone levels in the body. Bioperine, which is also another unique ingredient added to the supplement helps to speed up the rate at which chrysin is absorbed into the bloodstream. There are also other potent natural ingredients which have been included in the formulation like Muira Puama extract which helps to enhance male sexual performance.


These are the ingredients of the supplement:

  • Nettele leaf extract – This is a herbal extract with good liver protecting properties and also helps to inhibit the process by testosterone is converted to estrogen (aromatization).
  • Chrysin – This ingredient also helps to ensure that the level of estrogen is put in check by inhibiting aromatization (the process by which testosterone is converted to estrogen). When levels of estrogen rise in the body it comes with numerous health complications.
  • Bioperine – This ingredient is added to the supplement because it helps to speed up the rate at which chrysin is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Muira puama extract – This herb that is native to South America and particularly the Brazilian rain forest acts as a good aphrodisiac. Here it has been added to help enhance libido and also improve sexual performance.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps to bring about sex desire, it also increases sexual intercourse frequency by improving mood.
  • Lignan extract – An ingredient derived from a certain Norwegian spruce which if consumed is changed into enterolactone in the intestine. According to scientific studies enterolactone helps to ensure the optimum health of the prostate.
  • Ginger root – This ingredient has been found to be very beneficial to the health of men especially in improving their erectile function. The ingredient also helps to boost the desire for sex.

Benefits of Super Miraforte

  • The supplement is made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Can be found in a number of retail websites online easily.
  • Features free shipping to customers.
  • Is a very effective supplement and offers quick results.
  • Helps enhance male sexual performance.
  • It is manufactured by a leading company in the supplements industry.

Drawbacks of Super Miraforte

  • Customer’s testimonials featured on the website are unverified.
  • Does not offer money back guarantee.
  • S sold exclusively online.

Dosage instructions of Super Miraforte

  • A bottle of the supplement contains 120 capsules.
  • You should take 2 capsules of the supplement in the morning and another two in the evening.
  • You have the option of taking the capsules with food or not.

Super Miraforte side effects

There have been no reported cases of people suffering from any side effects as a result of taking the supplement.

Does it react with other medications?

Super Miraforte is made purely from natural ingredients and therefore it does not react with any other medicines. However if you are on other medicines you are advised to consult your doctor before use.


The good thing about Super Miraforte is that unlike other male enhancement supplements that use harmful compounds to bring out results it uses all-natural ingredients. Its makers also have included another unique ingredient called Bioperine which helps to enhance the rate of chrysin absorption into the bloodstream meaning it works much faster compared to other male enhancement supplements.

It has not known side effects though everyone is still advised to see their doctor before taking it to avoid from any complications if there are any.

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