Supplements to Treat Problem of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be a problem that potentially ruins relationships and even breaks up marriages. It does not need to be such a far-reaching issue, but many men who suffer from premature ejaculation feel a great reluctance to visit with their doctor to receive treatment, and few are willing to receive therapy or sexual counseling. The clinical studies on premature ejaculation have estimated that one in three men have at least some occurrences of sexual dysfunction during their adult lives. Some of the treatments include taking supplements for premature ejaculation, prescription medications, masturbation, or in some severe instances, surgery.

Most doctors or clinical studies would define premature ejaculation as a man’s inability to prevent orgasm during the first two minutes of sexual intercourse, or the inability to prevent orgasm before penetration. There are supplements for premature ejaculation on the market that may actually be able to help by either reducing sensitivity to the penis or engorging the penis with excess blood flow, thus preventing the orgasm trigger from being so noticeable. Depending upon the severity of the problem, a couple who is determined to overcome this type of problem frequently has success with mixed therapies of counseling and natural or prescription remedies.

Supplements for premature ejaculation may include naturally occurring herbs that increase the levels of testosterone in men. Low testosterone can cause depression, fatigue, an inability to achieve proper arousal and irritability. Replacing the testosterone may cause a greater rigidity during intercourse, and could potentially increase stamina during sex. Other supplements may be able to improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, which can lead to multiple erections during the course of sexual activity. Prescription medications rely on nitric oxide stimulants. Nitric oxide is responsible for muscle response during erection, and increases blood flow to the penis during the arousal process.

What many people neglect to consider is that supplements for premature ejaculation may simply include a multivitamin. Depletion of vitamin B can reduce energy, and vitamin C is needed for the body to fight illness. Multivitamins can help busy people stay healthy. A healthy body will have a healthy response to arousal, and can keep energy levels at their peak during sexual intercourse. Using vitamins along with proper rest and diet can have a dramatic impact on a man’s ability to extend his orgasm time. Before heading to the doctor, be sure you are rule out malnutrition or stress as a cause.