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Targeted Genetics TG Overview

Targeted Genetics TG is a testosterone boosting supplement. The supplement has been said to be both for increasing physical and sexual. The supplement is indicated to be for persons with low testosterones, low T or needs testosterone supplement.

The supplement has been said to boost sexual drive, libido, erections and controlled ejaculation for longer more satisfying sexual intercourse. The supplement is said to promote the growth of muscle both in mass and leanness.

Claims and Features of Targeted Genetics TG – What You Need To Know?

Targeted Genetics TG

The Targeted Genetics TG testosterone boosting supplement is a product that has been marketed on terms such as the first science-based testosterone boosting supplement in the market for men under 40. Claiming that this makes the product unique as most testosterone boosters I the market are targeted at older men who need rejuvenation support.

They claim that Targeted Genetics TG is made for just the men under 40 and their needs. They claim that the ingredients used in the supplement formulation have been clinically supported and will supercharge your sex drive and libido levels to equate to that of an 18-year-old. They back their claims with 1000% money back guarantee on the product purchase.

What are the Ingredients In Targeted Genetics TG?

The ingredients used in the formulation of the Targets Genetics TG supplement include the following: –

  • It contains adaptogens which are enriched with anti-oxidant properties. Helps increase the levels of physical energy, increase mental focus and memory, boost libido ad fertility levels.


  • It is an essential amino acid that helps boost the production of NO I the body which helps increase the circulation of blood in the body for a boost in energy levels, activeness, muscle growth and erections.

Ginseng Blend

  • Boosts the synthesis of NO which helps increase the circulation of blood in the body which helps increase muscle endurance. It offers relief from stress, tension, nervousness. Increases erections.


  • It is a mineral acid that boosts the production of free ad total testosterones while reducing the levels of estrogen. It contains aphrodisiac properties that increase sexual desire and minimize risks to erectile dysfunction.


  • It is a flowing plant found natively in Indonesia, Malaysia. It boosts the production of Leydig and releases the bind to lower the levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHGB) so as Boost the production of testosterones. It blocks the production of estrogen.

Targeted Genetics TG – How Does It Work?

The supplement works in different directions to ensure for the boost of testosterone production. The supplement will inhibit enzymes that limit production. It will stimulate factors that enhance production. It will also minimize factors that lead to low production.

What’s Good about Targeted Genetics TG?

  • Boosts in the production of free and total testosterones in the body
  • It can increase I muscle mass and leanness
  • It may enhance sexual performance
  • Increased libido and sexual desires
  • It can burn pure belly fat
  • Increase blood flow better muscles and erections

What’s Bad about Targeted Genetics TG?

  • No clinical studies provided to back the claims on the supplement.

How To Use Targeted Genetics TG?

The recommended dosage for the supplement is one capsule per intake. The highest dosage that one can take is twice daily, that is 2 capsules per day. The supplement should be taken with your meals.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Targeted Genetics TG?

No side effects mentioned so far

Customer Reviews

ScooterB says, “After 3 days now I noticed a slight increase in energy. Embarrassing to say but the biggest change I noticed was waking up the last 2 mornings with a fully erect member. So to me, that is proof enough that this works. I lift regularly and I notice a bit more energy. The biggest change was morning wood… Interesting side effect and so far, I am a fan.”

Crystal Rose says, “Happy with this. My husband took it and noticed an increase and energy and let’s just say it hasn’t hurt us in the bedroom.”

Targeted Genetics TG – The Bottom Line

The Targeted Genetics TG testosterone boosting supplement so far has had only high ratings and positive, reliable reviews from its consumers. This is not to indicate that these are a representation of all consumer reviews or that the product will work in the exact same way for another consumer.

The benefits promised of Targeted Genetics TG are very far stretched from simply boosting testosterones to even helping with the burning of pure belly fat. These benefits can be said to be wide stretched and may need more than claims to ascertain them such as the support of clinical trials.

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