Testabolon 75 Review – Read The Shocking Truth About Testabolon 75

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Testabolon 75 Overview

Testabolon 75 is an anabolic steroid whose mode of administration is injection. The product is produced by Optimum Pharma and is specifically targeted at achieving an increased muscle growth as well as an energy boost in the body. This product has been in the market since 2003 and has been quite popular. The trend that is being seen is that the product is being replaced with another called Trenbolone.

Claims and Features – What You Need To Know

Testabolon 75

According to Optimum Pharma, Testabolon 75 is a well-known anabolic steroid which has been produced for 13 years. It is however important to note that the product might not be available on the website as the product is no longer available for retail purposes. Though the product is not being manufactured, you can get it stocked in a few locations with some luck.

What Are The Ingredients In Testabolon 75?

Testobolon 75 is comprised of various anabolic steroids which are offered as an injectable solution. Below are the ingredients that make up this product.

Testosterone Propionate – This is by far the main ingredient in the product. It is an ester and common in many anabolic steroids. It is injected in one of the large muscle groups, preferably the buttock as it has a lot of muscle. This is an ingredient that has widely been used to treat cases of men with low testosterone as a result of an underperforming gonad.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate – This is a short acting formula of testosterone which is oil soluble. The product is safe when taken in the recommended dosages. An overdose can cause a lot of health problems including an increased bone growth, high water retention as well as infertility in some cases. This ingredient is however beneficial as it has short half-life which comes in about 3-7 days.

Testosterone Cypionate – This is yet another oil soluble ester. This ingredient has a half-life of about 8 days. It is also common popular treatment for patients with low testosterone levels.

Testosterone Enanthate – This ingredient has been shown from research to help boost the levels of muscular strength in men. It has been shown to boost muscular power in about 6 – 12 months.

Testosterone Decanoate – This is an androgen as well as anabolic testosterone ester which has been shown to have an effect on the production of sperm. It has a half-life of two weeks.

Testosterone Isocaproate – Yet another anabolic steroid which comes with a half-life of more than a week.

Testabolon 75 Benefits

With the long half life of the product, an injection can last a person anywhere between one and two weeks

The product is relatively safe

It is readily available from the manufacturer

It has been proven to work well

Quick action upon administration

Testabolon 75 Drawbacks

It seems the product is not currently being manufactured. This may point to the product not being of the right quality

The mode of administration is painful

How Should You Take Testabolon 75?

Users of Testabolan 75 should take a single injection in the buttock muscle. This injection should take users for at least a week before further injection is done. Starters should start at a dosage of 150mg but it is notable that one must not exceed 700mg per single injection.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Testabolon 75?

Some of the side effects of using this anabolic steroids include acne, aggressiveness, psychosis, liver failure, cardiac arrest and in some cases death. Users are thus recommended to strictly adhere to the said dosage of the product.

Where Can You Buy Testabolon 75?

This product is available from various retailers and on Amazon. It is good to mention that the retailer is currently not manufacturing new batches of the product, possibly as a sign that the product is discontinued.

The Bottom Line

Testabolon 75 is formulated to help in boosting testosterone using some of the highest quality anabolic steroid ingredients. Although no new batches of the product are being sold, there are high chances the product is still available on the market. Contact the manufacturer for more details if you need to know more about the product.

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