Following the Path of Testerone

by Nick Swanson

The male hormone known as testerone is one of the most important developmental hormones in the human body. When the male is born, the testerone starts to be produced as the male develops. Testerone has a significant part in the overall development of the male human being as well as the development of sexual characteristics such as body hair and a changing voice. The male sexual organs begin to develop as the male grows, and the hormone has a huge part in helping the male body to take shape during his formative years. Up through puberty, the level of the hormone is steadily increased and it starts to create more secondary male characteristics such as facial hair. As the male hits puberty, he starts to acknowledge his sex drive and begins to take an interest in sex.

Testerone turns nervous energy into sexual libido. It is the thing that gets the male curious about sex and what drives the male to experiment. When the male is going through puberty, the effects of rising levels of testerone become quite apparent. The male starts to take more of an interest in social gatherings with friends instead of family events. This is not true in all males, but it is prevalent. As testerone continues to flow, the male grows into young adulthood and hits the peak of his sexual prime. He begins to learn how to control his body and starts to understand the concept of sex. His desire for social interaction increases and his need for physical contact also increases.

As males grow older, the level of testerone in their body decreases. The male sex drive starts to dwindle slightly as the testicles make less testerone. The experience of losing testerone and a decreasing sex drive varies from man to man. Some men experience a significant and rapid drop in libido while others prefer to stay sexually active well into their later years. One of the effects of a drop in the hormone is a drop in energy and a lack of desire to reach and try new things. As men get older, they sometimes consider hormone therapy to regain their youthful vigor.

You would have to discuss the possibility of testerone therapy with your doctor and see if you are even a candidate. Some men who feel they have lost significant amounts of testerone are actually feeling the effects of increased weight and lack of exercise. Before trying a testerone replacement therapy, get tested and see if maybe some exercise might be a better solution.