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If you visit a site like, one of the first things you’ll want to do is take a look at the list of symptoms and compare them to yours. Because provides you with a good list of the kinds of things you might be experiencing, you’ll be able to quickly see if the symptoms you have are the ones that most men with low T might face. Don’t be alarmed if all of your symptoms don’t match. You may only have some of the symptoms listed on, but that doesn’t mean that your testosterone isn’t lower than it should be.

Age can play a factor in your testosterone levels, and that’s one thing that will tell you. Older men generally make less testosterone than younger men, because men go through a change of life called andropause. This is similar to what women go through in their menopausal years. If you’re a middle-aged man who’s been feeling tired and sluggish lately, visiting can give you a good indication of whether you might be suffering from low T – or whether it’s just the demands of your job getting to you. If you go to and have a lot of the symptoms, it might be a good time to see your doctor.

Visiting your doctor for such a personal discussion can be uncomfortable, but it’s important. Tell your doctor about your symptoms, and about the information you found on Let him know your concerns, and that you’d like to be tested for low T. It’s a simple test, and you won’t have to succumb to any invasive procedures. Reading about low T on can give you a better idea of what to say to your doctor and what kinds of tests he might want you to have.

You can also use to find out information about treatment options that may be available to you. Not all doctors are that well-informed about low T symptoms and treatments, so you’ll want to look for a doctor that is knowledgeable in that area if your doctor seems unable or unwilling to help you. A doctor that works with hormonal issues may be more likely to help you with low T. Of course, in the meantime you can get more information by reading and making sure that you’re making the right decision for your low T problem. You can get back to feeling like your old self again.