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A common challenge that most bodybuilders experience in their day to day lives is the challenge associated with low testosterone levels. Testosterone is the main male hormone that regulates the production of testosterone in the body.

Naturally, the hormone levels should be high this should help in regulating the growth of muscle in the boy. Low levels of testosterone, especially as a man is aging can help men get to enjoy an amazing time.

To help build the levels of testosterone well, it is ideal to choose the use of an enhancement product that men can get to enjoy. Use of natural products comes highly recommended as these are products that help men avoid negative side effects that are seen when anabolic steroids are used.

One product that stands out in this regard is Testoviron.

About Testoviron


This is a male enhancement supplement that is formulated to help men get to enjoy an amazing time while at it. It mainly boasts of allowing men get a renewed build of their muscles, even if their age is associated with low levels of testosterone in the body.

This product helps men get to enjoy high testosterone levels and consequently get to receive higher function levels of the various processes testosterone controls in the body.

The main areas that this product helps boost function is in physical appearance as well as performance. The product is manufactured by Schering Pharmaceuticals, currently known as Bayer Schering Pharma AG. This is a company located in Germany and has been producing products in Germany for quite a while now.

Claims and Features – What You Need To Know

The main claim that this product makes is that it can help boost testosterone levels in men. It is thus especially recommended in athletes and bodybuilders because the product is able to help men achieve their fitness goals.

The manufacturer claims that the product is formulated using a blend of all natural ingredients and this helps users enjoy an amazing time while at it.

What Are The Ingredients In Testoviron?

The main ingredients in the product include the following:

250 mg of testosterone enanthate. This ingredient comes based in an oil suspension. This ingredient has been shown to have testosterone precursor molecules and is very important in allowing the body to produce testosterone.

Virgin castor oil is another ingredient that has been shown to give good quality results and which can help users in allowing for cholesterol free function in the body.

Most oils that users make use of come with high levels of cholesterol which collect in the blood and may cause a stroke or a heart attack. This may work down the gains that are sought when using this product.

Benzyl Benzoate is yet another ingredient used and which has been proven to deliver high quality results. This ingredient helps support the anabolic function and is able to help build and maintain muscle gain as well as physical strength.

Testoviron Benefits

  • The main benefits that come attached with the use of Testoviron include the following:
  • It has anabolic function which helps support and boost overall testosterone function in the body.
  • It promotes increased muscle strength in users
  • It boosts power levels in the body

Testoviron Drawbacks

  • The main demerits linked to the use of this product include:
  • The ingredients used are not natural based and are synthetic. There is thus the risk that the ingredients may cause negative side effects.
  • Being an injectable product, some people may not love the route of administration which may be deemed painful

How Should You Take Testoviron?

This product is administered through an injection. A user is supposed to make an injection after the half-life of the product expires which comes to 10.5 days. An injection every two weeks would thus suffice to give users the muscle boost they desire with no approach to side effect.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Testoviron?

No side effects have been shown to occur when the product is used as prescribed.

Where Can You Buy Testoviron?

This product is available for sale from the Bayer Schering website where it is available for all users who would desire to try it out.

The Bottom Line

To get the best boost in testosterone levels in the body, use of a product that can effectively boost testosterone levels in the body is ideal. The said product should help give high levels of testosterone throughout the day and helps promote the growth of lean muscle mass.

Testoviron seems to stand out as the product that can help promote the growth of lean muscle. This product has been used for well over a decade and with good results.

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