The Anatomy of Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Understanding the way the body works is important for maximizing sexual pleasure, not only for yourself but for your partner. While the basic mechanics of sex are fairly well understood, the specifics of it are a more confusing area. For example, learning more about the specifics of ejaculation is something that most people never bother understanding. They know that it happens, and that it usually signifies the end of a man’s ability to perform sexually for a short time, and that it’s usually needed for pregnancy to occur, but beyond that it isn’t really given much thought. Understanding just what ejaculation is, however, could help a man control it and increase their stamina.

The Anatomy of Ejaculation

Basically, ejaculation is nothing more than the ejection of semen from the penis. Semen generally carries sperm, though in men who are infertile or who have had a vasectomy this isn’t the case. In nearly all instances, ejaculation is accompanied by orgasm and the two are so closely related that they’re generally thought of as the same thing, although they are actually scientifically different. Although in rare cases pregnancy can occur from pre ejaculation, ejaculation is generally needed for conception to occur.

The process is fairly straightforward. During sexual stimulation, orgasm will eventually be achieved. As it occurs, semen is ejected through the urethra. The milky-white, viscous fluid is basically ‘pumped’ out of the penis through rhythmic contractions of muscles in the penis. Normally, ten to fifteen contractions occur but in most cases the man won’t feel that many and it’s more likely that 2 to 10 will be consciously felt. Normally, ejaculation actually doesn’t occur until the first or second contraction of orgasm. The first ‘spurt’ is generally the largest, and may contain as much as 40 percent of the total volume of semen. Each subsequent spurt diminishes in size, and an average of about 7 spurts contain semen while several more contractions occur after ejaculation has completed.

The overall size and strength of ejaculation will vary from man to man, and the amount of semen as well as the distance of ejaculation isn’t indicative of a problem with one’s sexual health. Normally, the one issue men have with ejaculation is that it occurs too quickly. For these men, things like muscular exercises, masturbation and control techniques, and even dietary changes or supplements could help prolong ejaculation and improve sexual performance.

Understanding the body is a big part of making sure you can sexually satisfy your partner, and this aspect of sexuality is a major consideration worth making.