The Best Premature Ejaculation Products

by Nick Swanson

Premature ejaculation occurs in a large number of men. Regardless of your age, background, race, religion, or location you might still have the problem at some time. Hollywood made the idea humorous by using it as a punch line in a large number of movies and TV shows. When shown on screen, the problem usually affects younger men, including teenagers and college students. Even men that had intercourse hundreds of times without any problems might still require the best premature ejaculation products because they suddenly find themselves battling the condition after years of success.

The only thing funny about premature ejaculation is how randomly it works. You might have a phenomenal sexual encounter with a woman that lasts for hours, only to find that you have an orgasm within minutes the next time. Often times, men find that their sexual stamina lessens after a few encounters with the same woman. Other times, premature ejaculation occurs because the man feels rushed or stressed to make the encounter last longer. Regardless of why the premature ejaculation occurs, the man must find the best premature ejaculation products that stop the problem from occurring again.

The top products are those that reduce sensation. Some men confuse sensation with pleasure and think that if they use one of these products, they will feel nothing during the act. The truth is that the best premature ejaculation products do reduce sensation, but do not reduce the pleasure felt during the act. The man still has stimulation from the feel of his partner’s skin on his, as well as the visual stimulation of his partner’s naked body. The products do not reduce this pleasure, but do reduce the sensation felt by the penis.

The best product depends on the man’s situation. Many men find that a simply condom helps them reduce sensation. The condom blocks the feeling that the penis gets from the skin, but the man still feels pleasure from the motion of the act. The best premature ejaculation product for other men is a delay spray or delay cream. The delay product essentially delays the orgasm because it acts as a numbing agent. When used properly, the product can delay orgasm and make a man last twice as long as he did before. These products are so safe that they can be used with condoms, which help prevent the spread or sexually transmitted diseases and prevent pregnancy.