The Cold, Hard Facts About Enlarge Penis Pills

by Nick Swanson

Men across the nation spend millions on enlarge penis pills every year hoping to gain a little extra length or girth. With so many companies making these supplements and so many claims being made about them, it can be difficult to find the truth about Enlarge Penis Pills. Before you spend hundreds of your hard earned dollars on them, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the facts concerning enlarge penis pills so that you don’t waste your money and end up disappointed. There may be results waiting for you thanks to enlarge penis pills, but chances are they aren’t quite what you may think.

The Cold, Hard Facts About Enlarge Penis Pills

Uncovering the facts about enlarge penis pills is difficult, mainly since there is so little research concerning them. Since enlarge penis pills are supplements, the FDA doesn’t have to approve them or conduct research concerning them. As a result, few studies have focused on their effectiveness. Most evidence concerning enlarge penis pills is merely anecdotal testimonials from users. In these instances, the results seem to be split in half with some reporting real results from the pills and others decrying them as a scam. The truth, most likely, lies somewhere between the two extremes.

In many of these cases, Enlarge Penis Pills may very well be working but not in the way that the user expected, causing them to cry ‘scam’. While many enlarge penis pills will have no effect at all, the better ones will actually improve blood flow to the penis if taken regularly. While this has no real effect on the flaccid size of the penis, it can increase the size of erections slightly since the penis can become engorged with more blood than normal. Many people fail to recognize this and simply assume that since their flaccid penis hasn’t grown, the enlarge penis pills aren’t working.

Some enlarge penis pills truly are nothing more than a scam, and sometimes dangerous ones. Numerous contaminants ranging from E. coli to lead have been found in some of the low quality enlarge penis pills. Higher quality ones, however, seem to be safe and side effect free since they’re made from natural products like pomegranate and saw palmetto. Still, it’s important that you recognize the cold, hard fact that no enlarge penis pill will actually add inches to your penis. But combined with a few simple lifestyle changes, some Enlarge Penis Pills can give you a larger erection than you would normally have.