The Effect Of Aging On Penis Size

by Nick Swanson

The Effect Of Aging On Penis Size

As we age, our bodies go through a lot of different changes. While things like our appearance and our overall health and well being are influenced, there’s no question that our sexual function changes as well. Plenty of people are aware of the various signs that they’re aging, but the signs of penis aging aren’t as well known.

When you age, your penis will go through a variety of different changes that will influence the way you perform in the bedroom. Plenty of male enhancement products exist that can help you keep a more youthful penis, but the first step is understanding just what happens to the penis as you age. Here are four tell tale signs that you’re aging.

  • Loss of Sensitivity – As you age, the nerves that lead into your penis begin to lose a bit of their sensation. Penis size doesn’t’ really influence this, and for most men simply a life filled with use of the penis gradually causes the skin on it to thicken.

    Wear and tear results in microscopic changes to the penis, and as excess dermal tissue appears on the penis the results are a loss of sensitivity. To add to this, reduced circulation to the penis also influences the overall sensitivity a man may experience during sex.

  • Loss of Erection Strength – This is the most well known sign of aging. Impotence is a major problem as men age, and the ability to maintain a healthy, strong penis is reduced the older you get. This is because testosterone levels drop as we age and because circulatory issues begin to occur with age as well. Once again, no matter what your penis size may be the fact is that your erections may lose some strength as you age.
  • Bending – As you age, the connective tissue in the penis can lead to the development of a bend or curve. Lots of sex or masturbation can also lead to this and in some cases penis size may be reduced slightly.
  • Wrinkled Appearance – Simply put, your penis will wrinkle just like the rest of your skin as you age. A dried out, wrinkled look is common as the skin begins to lose moisture. The result could be a penis that isn’t quite as attractive as it once was.

There are various male enhancement products and lifestyle changes that can help you overcome the signs of aging or prevent them from occurring at all.