Dry Penis Skin – Hassles, Causes, Signs and Treatment

A lot of men do get dry penis skin at some point in their lives and it usually occurs in the head and body of the penis. Some men become concerned as they fear they may have contracted a form of sexually transmitted disease (STD). This makes them anxious and their sex life suffers which then affects their wife or female partner who then becomes equally troubled by his condition.

Dry penis skin can indeed be related to some kind of communicable disease, although it can also be just a sign that the penis skin needs to be cared for and treated before, during and after the sexual act. This includes intercourse and masturbation.

Causes of Dry Penis Skin

The Hassles of a Dry Penis Skins

Dry penis skin usually stems from a lack of care of the penis. The penis is a sensitive organ and its skin is softer than most of skin in other areas of the body. It also has several capillaries and nerve endings which cause arousal and pleasure during sex. The penis skin can turn out dry and flaky when:

  • A woman’s vagina is not moist enough
  • One masturbates without adequate lubrication or;
  • The penis constantly rubs against something hard.

Here are other causes of dry penis skin :

  • STD such as candida
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergies

Signs of Dry Penis Skin

Besides skin dryness on the penis head and body, you may notice some cracks and red patches that are sore to the touch. The skin disorders that cause dry penis skin can also make it inflamed. The skin can also crack and feel itchy.

Candida can also cause the same symptoms in the penis. This STD can cause an unusual discharge. Some other STD symptoms affecting the penis include a foul odorous and discolored urine and painful discharge.

Treatment for Dry Penis Skin

All causes of dry penis skin are treatable. One needs to forego sex until the penis has healed to make the healing process faster. If the sexual act itself causes the penis skin to dry, then one should use certain creams every day or at least an hour before intercourse. There are times when the dry penis skin condition does not change for a week; this is the time when you should seek your doctor’s advice. It’s possible that the problem may be a sign of a far worse underlying condition although this rarely gets to be serious or life threatening. If you are suffering from STD, then you need to see a doctor since this kind of problem can lead to permanent infertility.