The Male Penis Problems – Identifying Male Penis Problems

Men experience a variety of health issues that often create penis issues. It is important to remember that a small percentage of male penis problems are actually physical issues. Many of the problems men experience are emotional or psychological in nature. The first person you need to discuss your male penis problems with is your doctor. He will order tests that will help to eliminate any physical problems that could possibly be addressed with surgery or other physical means. Once it has been established that male penis problems are not physical, and then your doctor can make suggestions on how to properly address the issues.

One of the male penis problems that are getting significant media exposure is erectile dysfuntion. This is the inability of the male to get an erection or get sexually stimulated. It should be important to note that this is one of the male penis problems that could be an indication of more serious issues such as high blood pressure. The inability of the male to get or sustain an erection is not something that the male should be concerned about. But it is something that should trigger a doctor’s appointment to see if there are any physical causes to these particular male penis problems. Many men report that their doctor’s were able to supply a successful resolution to this problem.

When men use medication to overcome male penis problems, one of the side effects could be an extended erection that will last for several hours. While this is one of the rare male penis problems, it should still be treated with great caution if it occurs. A male that experiences this sort of issue needs to get emergency medical attention immediately. The damage that an extended erection can cause includes permanent nerve damage to the penis as well as damage to the blood vessels. This is one of the male penis problems that men try to ignore, but it should be the one that gets men to act as quickly as possible.

Male penis problems can either be the indication that something more serious is going on or that the male is experiencing side effects of a medication. If you are experiencing male penis problems, then you need to discuss these issues with your doctor. There are solutions that your doctor can suggest that will address your male penis problems and get your self-confidence back. In many cases, that is what is required for a full and safe recovery.