The Best Sex Positions You’ll Need In Your Arsenal

by Nick Swanson

The Best Sex Positions You’ll Need In Your Arsenal

Some men think that they have to master all the moves in the Kama Sutra in order to please their partners. The fact of the matter is that there are only 4 sex positions every man should try.

Back to the Basics

The first of the 4 sex positions every man should try is the missionary. The good old missionary can get boring at times. However, a lot of women like it because of the intimacy involved in this tried and tested sex position. If you have been avoiding this position since your first sexual encounter, why not try this position and go back to the basics of intimate lovemaking?

Just add a pillow to the equation and you’ll see how this boring sex position can instantly become a favorite. The party people of the Victorian era liked to play it up by propping a lady’s hips and bum under a pillow or two. The extra height will give you a dose of pleasure if you want to give her a bit of oral pleasure first. You’ll be able to give her deeper penetrations and she will feel as if every nook and cranny of her insides will be filled to the brim.

The Dark Horse

The Champagne Room as it’s called is a great position to try when you want something quick, dirty, and altogether satisfying for both parties. What you do is you sit on a chair (or the edge of a tub) and let your girl sit on top of you while she’s facing away from you. You get to grab all her curves while she gets to have her way with you.

Side Lying

The side lying position is a great way to feel her warmth and at the same time provides a lot of sexy skin on skin contact that’s a sure way to start the night. If you’re like other couples who want to try out different positions throughout the steamy night, then this is a great way to start things: nice and easy. This is a great position that’s believed to increase sexual stamina because you don’t do much hard thrusting. This is good for couples that want the slow and steamy route instead of the quick but unsatisfying road to orgasm.

Belly Bottom

The last position of the 4 sex positions every man should try is the one we’d like to call the belly bottom. You let your partner lie on her stomach and enter her slowly from behind. This is great for maximum tightness and pleasure. It’s one of those positions that satisfy both parties. This is a great position for a lazy Sunday afternoon wherein you both just want something nice and easy to set the mood.