Heat up Your Sex Life with Yoga Benefits

by Nick Swanson

Sex Life with Yoga Benefits

Most people do not think that yoga can help to improve the sexual activity. The various moves and styles involved in yoga increase maintenance of an erection. It also helps to increase the intensity of having orgasms and this ensures that both partners are sexually satisfied.

Increased Blood Flow

Sex Life with Yoga BenefitsYoga helps to promote the activity of the heart by increasing the heart rate. This ensures that all organs are well supplied with blood. This includes the brain and the penis that are involved in sexual activity. This will in turn help the man to be able to achieve a firm erection and be able to maintain it. There is also improved blood flow to other vital organs that include the lungs, liver and kidneys and therefore ensures that one is healthy.

Stronger Muscles

The stretches that are involved in yoga help in the strengthening of the muscles. Stretching the muscles makes them have an increased reflex threshold. This helps to increase the strength of the muscles and they are able to contract and relax easily. When one have stronger muscles they are able to enjoy more sex because they will have increased strength.

Increased Confidence

Research has shown that people who practice yoga have a reduced chance of becoming obese as they age. This is because the exercise helps to burn the calories therefore ensuring that they do not gain excessive weight. This increases their self-esteem and confidence, as they are fit. This encourages them to have more reverence for their bodies and they become sexy. This will make them enjoy themselves during a sexual activity as they have increased self-esteem.

Increased Flexibility

Most people are not able to touch some parts of their body or assume some positions. This is because their bodies are not flexible and this can be achieved through taking part in yoga. Some positions are important in a sexual activity because they enable the couple to have a deeper penetration. This includes positions like being able to hug the legs to the chest and kiss the thighs that help to increase the penetration. This makes the sexual activity with more pleasurable for both partners.

Sexy Chakras

Yoga helps one to be able to love and appreciate their bodies, as they are able to have more pleasure with them. This is because they are able to assume different sexual positions that make them more pleasurable. The ability to assume varied positions with the body helps to strengthen the body and increase the sexual energy. This helps to keep one magnetizing, grounded, youthful and fit. The sexual activity can also be improved by taking part in yoga by both partners. This allows them to know and understand the ability of the other partners and they can use this while engaging in a sexual activity.


The different moves that are used in yoga help one to become aware of the sensations in the body. It teaches one to be able to feel sensations for example when the weights are rolling down the inner edges of the palms. This helps one to be able to savor all sensations that take place in the body. This allows one to concentrate on pleasurable sensation that take place in the body during a sexual activity. It ensures that one does not concentrate on the swirling thoughts that can keep one from enjoying themselves during sex.

Being Present

The different body movements that are involved in yoga help to improve the cardiac function. This ensures that there is a good supply to the vital organs and this includes the brain. When the brain is well supplied with blood, it is able to function well. This makes one alert and able to enjoy sex more.

Higher Energy Levels

A survey that was conducted in 2008 showed that most men cut back on sexual activity because of fatigue. Some people even doze off during a sexual activity because they have had a busy day. This causes them to opt for sleep because they are unable to enjoy the stirrings of being aroused. Exercise helps in metabolism and this increase the uptake of sugar by the cells in the body where it is used for production of energy. This helps one to be able to have a better sleep and enjoy more sex because they have increased energy levels.

Increased Levels Of Intimacy

Yoga helps one to be able to assume different positions in bed and this increases the level of intimacy. This helps even in a backbend night where the couple decides to have conversations in the late night. It ensures that the partners are able to hold and feel each other in different sexual positions that arouse the body and this increases their level of intimacy.


There are many sexual benefits of yoga and it is encouraged make yoga a routine. The health benefits of yoga includes increased flexibility, increased confidence, increased blood flow to the vital organs, increased energy levels, elevated level of intimacy and increased sensuality.