Things She Never Expects You to do to Her

by Nick Swanson

When it comes to your sex sessions, you want to make sure that your partner enjoys the experience every bit as much as you do. And while every woman is different, there are usually a few things you can count on to ruin the moment. It’s important that you find out more about what your partner likes and what they don’t, but there are usually some things you can count on her to dislike during sexual intercourse. As you grow together and get to know one another, you’ll know how to give her orgasms and learn more about what she loves and what she hates. But the following things are all points you should remember to avoid during sex unless she tells you otherwise.

Things She Never Expects You to do to Her
  • Letting Go Without Warning – Simply put, orgasms are important for both of you. But nothing can be more frustrating for her than you not giving her any warning. This is especially true during oral sex, but applies during vaginal sex as well. Just a simple “I’m going to go” should be given so she knows you’re reaching climax.
  • Surprise Anal – Anal sex is great when you both enjoy it, and more women than ever before are delving into this final frontier. But you shouldn’t just expect her to enjoy it and go about trying it without her knowing it. Just slipping out of her vagina and trying out anal without warning will ruin the mood quickly.
  • Squashing Them – Even if you’re a thin guy, remember that just 100 pounds of weight is a lot to support. Don’t ruin the moment by lying on top of your partner with all your weight.
  • Getting Too Raunchy – This is one of those things that really is a personal preference kind of thing. Before you start getting really down and dirty whether it’s dirty talk or dirty actions, be sure that you’re both into it or you’ll ruin the mood.
  • Staying Silent – You don’t want her to lay there like a log, so don’t do that to her. Whether you just moan a little bit or tell her how great she feels, be sure not to stay silent.
  • Getting Too Rough – While sometimes getting a little bit rough can be fun, you shouldn’t plan on just getting rough from the get go. Wait to see if the mood is right before you start playing it rough and you won’t risk ruining the moment completely.