Things to Avoid if You are Taking Male Enhancement Supplement

Men often decide to use male enhancement supplements when they find out that their sexual performance is declining. Most men often find it hard to fathom the fact that they cannot satisfy their ladies sexually. In most cases this may lead some of them to even experience lowered self-esteem and damaged egos too. Men who are experiencing low sex drive fear that they may lose their women to men who can perform better than them. Fortunately for such men there are numerous male sexual performance enhancement supplements out there that they can use. These supplements are manufactured by different companies and they have helped to give such men renewed hope. When you are taking male enhancement supplements you need to keep it mind that there are some things which can lower their effectiveness. Below are the things that those who are taking male enhancement supplements need to avoid:

Avoid Foods That are Unhealthy For Your Heart

Things to avoid if you are taking male enhancement supplement

Unhealthy foods for a man’s heart will definitely affect his overall sexual health. These foods usually affect erections in men. Most foods that are unhealthy for the heart can cause restricted blood flow in the blood vessels thus affected blood to the penis and in effect hampering the effectiveness of the supplement that you are taking. You need blood flow for your penis to get erect and it is on this basis that most male sexual enhancement supplements work. Eating foods that contain lots of fat, foods that are fried, and processed inhibits blood flow in the body so that the effectiveness of the supplement you are taking will be badly reduced. Research has found out that foods that are not healthy for the heart of men are also not good for the wellness of their penis. It is for this reason that you need to avoid eating foods that are unhealthy for your heart during the time that you are taking male enhancement supplements.

When you are on male enhancement supplement you are advised to spice up its effectiveness by eating healthy foods for your heart like Mediterranean foods that include foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and olive oil, fish and also red wine.

Avoid Adding More Weight

Being overweight as you know it is not good for your overall health and it can bring about diseases such as type2 diabetes, a disease associated with the destruction of nerves throughout the body. When nerves are damaged by diabetes the link between the penis and the brain will also be affected negatively. This may lead to deterioration of your sex life and also affecting the effectiveness of the male enhancement supplement that you are taking.

Avoid Over Consumption of Alcohol While Taking any Male Enhancement Supplement

Taking a few drinks of alcohol is usually not dangerous for your overall health but when it is taken too much it poses numerous health risks. Studies suggest that alcohol taken in very large amounts often lower testosterone production in the body. You need testosterone for you to function well sexually and when its production is inhibited you definitely will not perform well in the bedroom. Below are some of the known effects of alcoholism on production of testosterone in the body:
The metabolism of ethanol lowers the amount of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide inside the testis and the liver. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a very important in the production of testosterone and a number of other androgens in the body.

Alcohol triggers the brain to release beta-opioid endorphins that often bring about feelings of relaxations. The sad truth is that the beta-opioid endorphins have a negative effect on the synthesis of testosterone.

Consumption of alcohol also damages the leydig cells found in the testis that are usually responsible for testosterone production.

Based on the above explanations about the effects of alcohol on men’s sexual health you will find out that it only hampers the effectiveness of male enhancement supplements negatively. This is enough reason for you to keep off alcohol during the time you are taking your male enhancement supplements to get better results.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has been found not to be healthy for men’s sexual health due the fact that it harms blood vessels and thus hamper blood flow to the penis. Nicotine a substance that is found in the cigarette smoke is known to cause blood vessels to contract thus hampering blood flow to the penis. What this means is that while the male enhancement supplement you are taking may be trying to help improve blood flow to the penis smoking will actually be holding back this.


The bottom line when you are taking male enhancement supplement is that you need to eat healthy foods and also do exercises. You may be taking male enhancement supplements but when you keep on eating unhealthy foods your problems will still continue. Incorporate healthy exercises with the male enhancement supplement you are taking if you want to get better results with them. On a serious note, you need to keep off too much alcohol for you achieve even better results with the male enhancement supplement that you are taking.