Tips for a Lifetime of Great Sex

by Nick Swanson

Exploding orgasms, rocking sensations and heightened sexual desire: they just don’t happen in novels and movies. Having good sex is not only great for the body, but also for the relationship. For this reason, people are looking for ways on how to have great sex not just for the present moment, but keep it that way for the longest possible time. Here are some tips which can help you achieve a lifetime of great sex.

Keep the Romance Alive

Couples who are newly into the relationship are often more passionate. This passion tends to die down and lay low as they get comfortable year after year. Sometimes this comfort gets to a level that a partner or both partners see sex rather as an obligation instead of a pleasurable activity. Bring back the spark and make the romance alive once again. Get in touch with how you first felt for your partner, bring her back to the first place you dated and see the first movie you both saw. Getting in touch with both your emotions will not only rekindle the fire emotionally, but also your closeness and intimacy. The rewards in the bedroom can be as hot as your feelings.

Tips for a Lifetime of Great Sex

Give Relaxing Massages

A massage is not only a good stress-buster after a long day at work; it also works well if you mean to have a lifetime of great sex. According to Ian Kerner, PhD, who wrote “She Comes First” you are releasing a desire-increasing hormone called oxytocin. Opt for a home massage where you get skin-to-skin contact with your partner. It’s a good way to jump-start foreplay. If the massage doesn’t lead to sex, it’s not a bad thing either. Massaging enables you to familiarize and revisit the body of your partner and you can take note how he/she reacts to the location where you are touching him/her. That knowledge will come in handy when you’re both ready for some bedroom action.

It’s Not Just About the Penetration

Don’t skip the appetizer. Men and women are stimulated in different ways and in different lengths of time. Do not focus on the penetration right away if you can enjoy a little chase with foreplay. Kissing, touching and nibbling are not just erotic, but they are also sweet. Cutting the chase short by going straight to the main dish will only cut the excitement. Take a back seat and enjoy the moment.


Having a lifetime of great sex can be a quite a challenge. But if you are committed to enjoying this sensual activity for more years ahead, it is certainly doable. The key is being able to communicate with your partner not just verbally, but also sexually.