Tips for Avoiding Premature Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Almost all men, at one time or another, have experienced premature ejaculation. This is a condition when he ejaculates sooner than he or his partner wants. It is perfectly natural for this to occur every once in awhile, especially if it has been a long time since the man has had sexual intercourse. If it occurs on a regular basis, however, then that could indicate there is a problem. There are several reasons why premature ejaculation occurs. Although this condition rarely occurs because of a medical problem, it is best to get checked out by a physician to make sure there is nothing physically wrong. Otherwise use these 3 tips for avoiding premature ejaculation.

Tips for Avoiding Premature Ejaculation

Avoiding Premature Ejaculation Tip #1 – Performance anxiety is one of the main causes of ejaculating too soon, which is linked to infrequent sex. A man may become over excited when the opportunity for sex presents itself. In this case, avoiding premature ejaculation can be achieved by reducing anxiety. Doing vision exercises and envisioning how you want the session to go beforehand can be helpful. Talking to your partner is also a good way of avoiding premature ejaculation because it will relieve some of the stress of hiding your anxiety.

Avoiding Premature Ejaculation Tip #2 – Another way of avoiding premature ejaculation is to use a condom that reduces sensitivity. In addition to protecting you from sexually transmitted diseases and reducing the possibility of an unintentional pregnancy, condoms can reduce penile sensitivity. This, in turn, can help you last longer during sex and, thereby, avoiding premature ejaculation. Ask your friends or family members to recommend a brand of condoms that can help you achieve this goal. Alternatively, there are creams available that will also reduce sensitivity in the penis.

Avoiding Premature Ejaculation Tip #3 – The start/stop method is a good way of avoiding premature ejaculation. In this method, the penis is stimulated until the point of orgasm and then the stimulation is stopped before ejaculation can occur. It may seem tortuous at first. However, doing this can help you obtain more control over your orgasm and last longer during sex. It is particularly helpful to do this when you are going through a dry spell. This way you will be prepared for avoiding premature ejaculation when the opportunity for sex presents itself. You can practice this method through masturbation as well as with a partner. It is best to use a combination of techniques to assist you in avoiding premature ejaculation.