Tips For Beating Premature Ejaculation

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable for all people involved in the act. However, many men are plagued with sexual performance problems such as premature ejaculation. Not can coming too soon cause embarrassment and leave you and your partner sexually frustrated, repeated performance failures can lead to a more serious problem like erectile dysfunction. There are several different methods you can use for beating premature ejaculation. While some thought and research can uncover many of these methods, here are 3 you can use for beating premature ejaculation so you and your partner can enjoy a satisfying sex experience.

Beating Premature Ejaculation Tip #1 – One way of beating premature ejaculation is to improve the level of control you have over your orgasms. This can be most beneficial to those who have very little sexual experience or who may have sex very infrequently. A popular method for beating premature ejaculation is the start/stop method. This is where you stimulate yourself to the point of orgasm and then back off. Though it will take a few months, you will eventually achieve a higher level of ejaculatory control and will be able to last longer during sex.

Beating Premature Ejaculation Tip #2 – An associated method to beating premature ejaculation is to change the way you are masturbating. Contrary to popular belief, frequent masturbation does not cause premature ejaculation. However, many males pleasure themselves in a way that encourages a quick finish. Over time, this becomes a type of learned behavior that can have an adverse affect on your love life. If you are committed to beating premature ejaculation, then increase the amount of time you spend masturbating during each session. Shoot for a goal of at least twenty minutes before orgasm. Additionally, don’t just stroke the shaft, stimulate the tip as well. This is the part that is most stimulated by the vagina.

Beating Premature Ejaculation Tip #3 – Another way of beating premature ejaculation is to reduce muscular tension in the body during sex. Orgasm is the release of sexual tension in the body. Overall muscular tension, particularly in the pelvic region, can contribute to coming too soon. Changing sex positions is a good start. Instead of having sex in the missionary position, which increases bodily tension, try side-to-side or rear entry positions. Engaging in full body massage prior to coitus is also a good way to reduce body tension. Use a variety of methods for beating premature ejaculation to help you with your problem.