How to Delay Ejaculation?

by Nick Swanson

How to Delay Ejaculation
All men want to perform well in bed and knowing how to delay ejaculation until their partner is fully satisfied is one important aspect to satisfying love making. However, not all men fully understand how to delay ejaculation as well as get and give the most pleasure.

Many men may not realize it, but their bodies are conditioned to finish quickly. Whether it is in the genes or a result of men’s first sexual experiences being quick, they find it difficult to delay ejaculation. There are some things men can do to help them to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed to please their partners.

Some men have extra sensitive skin on the penis. This makes the sensations stronger and increases the urge to ejaculate quickly. If men believe this could be the problem, they can buy condoms and wear them during intercourse. The condom will block some of the sensation and allow them to delay ejaculation.

Using a lubricant can also help to numb the sensations a bit for a sensitive penis and help men to delay ejaculation and last until their partner is ready to climax. Another technique is to only put the penis head inside the vagina instead of using full thrusts. Combine both and it will increase her pleasure as well.

Using masturbation to train the body to last longer is another method that men want to consider when looking to know how to delay ejaculation. Men can practice the control and how to delay ejaculation during masturbation, so they get to know their body and can use the same techniques when in the actual act of sexual intercourse. Men can practice using the squeeze method, which is applying pressure just below the head of the penis. They can also practice apply pressure to the perineum, which is the area between the testicles and anus. The area applies pressure the prostate gland that controls the release of sperm and can help to delay ejaculation.

Changing positions is another method to try for those wanting to know how to delay ejaculation. If men know that one position makes it more difficult for them to delay ejaculation than another, then they should use the less stimulating position. If they are unsure, trying different positions can give them ideas of which are best, providing their partner is up to trying it. Anything men can do to slow relax and ignore the sensation can help. Slowing breathing is always a good method to try for men who want to know how to delay ejaculation.