How to Enlarge My Penis- How Can I Use Jelqing to Enlarge My Penis

by Nick Swanson

How to Enlarge My Penis

Even if women say that size does not matter, this is not comfort to those men who feel that their penis is too small. Feeling inadequate in size also leads to feeling of inadequacy as a lover as well. So, this leads many men to wonder, “How can I enlarge my penis?” There pills on the market that men use to try enlarge their penis, but if a man wants a proven natural method for his question of how to enlarge my penis, then an exercise known as jelqing may be the best method. This exercise has been done for centuries, and it is safe and effective.

The jelq exercise can help increase enlarge both the girth and length of the penis and something that any men who wants to know how to enlarge my penis can do. The purpose of this exercise is to force more blood into the spongy part of the penis, known as the corpora cavernosa. Jelqing is actually a milking technique that helps men who want to know how to enlarge my penis. The milking expands and stretches the penis to allow larger quantities of blood to fill the penis and make it both longer and thicker.

When done daily, men who want to enlarge the penis can see results in about one month. Then in several months more pronounced results are seen and men can be happy knowing how to enlarge the penis. It is a good idea to measure the penis and keep a journal of the results, so men can document the changes as they enlarge the penis. Measure both the erect penis and the soft penis, as jelqing will help increase the size of the penis whether it is soft or hard. So, expect to see results in both.

Jelqing require a warm up consisting of massaging the penis and then wrapping in a moist warm washcloth several times. Then take some lubricant, like baby oil, and rub it on the hand and the penis. Put your thumb and first finger together and place it at the base of the penis and using a milking motion to just under the head. Then when the other hand, do the same. Alternate hands and maintain a continuous milking motion. To successfully enlarge the penis, begin 100 jelqs a day and slowly increase this amount over time until 500 jelqs a day are reached.