How to Enlarge Your Penis – Simple Methods to Enlarge Your Penis

Men who are not happy with their penis size lack confidence in themselves and in their sex life. While women often say size does not matter, it does to a man. If he feels he is lacking in that certain area, it affects his sexual performance. This leaves men wondering how to enlarge your penis. There are actually several things you can do to enlarge your penis. Excises, penis pumps and extenders as well as clamps are all natural ways to enlarge your penis. Each are easy to do and can be done in the privacy of your home.

Penis enlargement exercises are one method in how to enlarge your penis. These exercises are done without using any kind of apparatus or surgery and are completely natural. These exercises to enlarge your penis focus on the area of the penis that fills with blood during erection known as the corpora cavernosa and the muscles near the penis. Jelqing is a form of exercise to enlarge your penis. This is done using a milking action to help elongate the penis and add girth by allowing more blood flow to the penis. However, if done incorrectly, jelqing can damage blood vessels in the penis.

The penis pump is a method of how to enlarge your penis. A penis pump works by placing the male organ in a cylinder and using negative pressure to enlarge the penis by increasing blood flow. It works similar to the exercises in that is increases the size of the corpora cavernosa. There is the risk of over inflation with the penis pump and this can lead to vascular damage and a softer erection in the future. However, unlike the exercises, the penis pump works to enlarge the penis immediately, so you see the results right away.

The penis extender and the clamp are two other methods of how to enlarge your penis. The extender works by stretching to enlarge the penis and make it look longer. This device also stretches the cells inside the penis, making it longer and wider, while improving the quality of the erection so it lasts longer. A clamp, also known as a cock ring, is a ring placed at the base of the organ to enlarge your penis. The clamp can be dangerous as well, as it can cut off circulation and lead to amputation of the penis. It is best to use these devices with great care to ensure safety.