Tongkat Ali Commonly Used In Many Products But Does Very Vital Work

by Cheryl Powers

Tongkat Ali is a natural plant extract that is grown mainly in Malaysia. There, it is traditionally used to treat men with sexual deficiencies such as impotence and sexual fatigue, and now it is becoming an important and popular substance used in North America for the same purpose. As the population ages, men in their senior years still want to be vibrant and active sexually but, due to age plus other causes such as ill health or stress, they may find that they can’t perform as well as they once did. While some turn to Drug medications such as Viagra, the use of alternative, homeopathic or plant based therapies has supported.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali can actually be used by men and women, as it has the libido-supporting effect in both sexes, but for men it has many additional benefits, in particular supporting sexual stamina and helping achieve a better and more sustainable erection. It is not really known exactly how Tongkat Ali works and clinical testing has been limited. However, men who have used the ingredient, whether on its own or combined with other sexual enhancers, do say that it does have a slight effect on their sexual desire and overall health. The range of products in which Tongkat Ali is included is vast, from herbal teas to certain foods, but there is very little evidence to show that it works as well when in these forms. Most manufacturers of male enhancement products use Tongkat Ali in oral capsules, with the minimum recommended dosage being 300mg. It should be noted though that the quality of the extract can vary which is why the brand of supplement it is included in should be from a reputable manufacturer. Additionally, results can also vary depending on the health of the user and the severity of their problem.

Another reason why some consumers prefer to use natural remedies such as this is because they do not carry the risk of adverse side effects in the way that certain Drug medications can. Tongkat Ali has proved safe to use in low doses, although some side effects such as irritability and insomnia have been reported when it is taken in higher doses, and this is likely due to the stimulating effect it has on the system.

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