Top 3 Male Sexual Health Problems & Treatments

by Nick Swanson

There is no denying that men love sex. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who they have sex with as long as they release their sexual desires. But, not every man is blessed with a perfectly functioning sexual organ. Males have sexual problems that are becoming more common today. These problems impede a man’s sexual performance and will definitely affect his sex life.

The Three Male Sexual Problems

Top 3 Male Sexual Health Problems & Treatments

There are three forms of male sexual dysfunctions namely erectile dysfunction, low sexual libido and ejaculatory dysfunction. Here is a brief description of each one:

  • Erectile Dysfunction-This happens mostly to men over 40 years. It is due to hormone abnormalities, psychological problems, nerve disorders, narrowing of arteries and others. Men with erectile dysfunction are unable to achieve an erection let alone sustain it. Other causes of erectile dysfunction are depression, stress, penis injury and chronic illnesses.
  • Low Sexual Libido-The loss of libido is when a man loses interest in sexual activity. This can be due to a physical or psychological factor. It is really quite rare to see a man losing his interest in sex. Other possible causes of inhibited sexual desire are low levels of testosterone, high blood pressure, diabetes, medications, relationship problems, anxiety and depression.
  • Ejaculation Dysfunction– There is three types of ejaculation problems. The first is premature ejaculation where in ejaculation happens seconds before or after penetration. The second is retarded ejaculation where ejaculation occurs slowly. The third is retrograde ejaculation where the sperm is forced back to the bladder and then out of the penis when orgasm is reached.

Can These Be Treated?

Yes, male sexual dysfunctions can be treated but it will depend on what sexual dysfunction the man has. It will also depend on the causes of the sexual problem. Many causes can still be corrected. One of the possible treatments is through medical treatment. This treatment is focused on treating physical problems that contribute to the sexual problem. The next is taking medications. The medicines can help increase blood flow to the penis. Moreover, those with low levels of testosterone can undergo testosterone replacement therapy.

Psychological therapy can help treat male sexual dysfunctions if the causes are psychological in nature. For instance, if the person is anxious, depressed or feeling guilty, a counselor will help the man address his psychological issues. Also, there are special devices that can help men with erectile dysfunction like penile implants and vacuum devices.

If you’re a man reading this, you can help treat your sexual problem by educating yourself and communicating with a partner. The more you know about your sexual problem, the more you will know how to treat it. Talking to your partner is necessary to avoid any frustration and hurt feelings that can aggravate sexual problems.