Top #3 Ways to Maximize You and Your Partner’s Sexual Pleasure

by Nick Swanson

Sex is everywhere. Thanks to the fact that sex sells, even battery ads try to incorporate sexy images and sound in order to make a sale. Thanks to our saturation in all kinds of sex sounds, images, and sights, we are now a generation that’s used to “sexy” things. Nowadays, in order to get a bit of kick, we need to go the extra mile in order to feel actual sexual pleasure. Add to that a fast paced lifestyle that’s bent on giving us poor creatures a platter full of stress hormones and voila, a mix of tired and uninspired sex that’s bordering on routine. If you want to maximize your sexual pleasure (and your partner’s as well!) read on for insider tips that everyone should know.

Touch Her Everywhere

Top 3 Ways to Maximize You and Your Partner’s Sexual Pleasure

A simple touch can do wonders if you want to maximize your sexual pleasure (and your partner’s as well!). Play it up by using feathers or different textured cloths like silk or satin. Your ladylove’s lace scarf can do wonders for both of your erogenous hot spots. Remember to touch your partner’s face and stroke different parts of her neck. Move on to her collarbones and the ever popular part: her inner thighs. Tickle the back of her knees and blow soft kisses there which are a fan favorite among women and will surely melt her heart.

Release the Gourmet Lover in You

Incorporate everyday food items in your bedroom. Indulge in strawberries dipped in chocolate or try out different cocktails that both you and your partner made. Eating has long been associated with sexual pleasure and it will surely relax both of you when you eat something sweet and chocolate-y. Don’t go for good old whipped cream and try to incorporate food items that you both like. Go ahead and buy kinky cupcakes or body frosting in your flavor of choice – even if there’s no occasion to celebrate! Set aside an afternoon wherein both of you can eat your favorite food and just have some slow and easy sexual exploration.

Set the Mood

Set the mood by unleashing your inner animal. Why not try using nature sounds as background music instead of “sexy songs” in order to add a different dimension to your lovemaking session? If the sounds of the forest don’t appeal much to you, why not incorporate the sound of rolling waves in order to bring you both to a tropical destination without having to pay the price? If you want to maximize your pleasure, simple tweaks to your usual lovemaking session is going to do a lot of good for both you and your partner.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, why not go ahead and try out sex positions that you otherwise wouldn’t do? Even if you’re not an acrobat, you’ll both have fun trying out different positions and maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover a position that suits you both and makes the both of you achieve “little deaths” as the French say.