Top 5 Myths About Natural Male Enhancement Products

The natural male enhancements products are not approved by FDA. Therefore, their safety cannot be guaranteed. Most of them contain drugs that are not listed as part of the ingredient and this puts the patient at more risk. Some of the drugs that are contained in the products may interfere with the functioning of the heart and this may cause further damage to the patient.

Male Enhancement Products are Safe

Natural Male Enhancement Products

The industries that supplement herbal medicines have convinced the consumers that all their products are gentle, kind and safe. Some of the products that are used for enhancing the performance of the penile have side effects. The products act by increasing the activity of the heart where blood supply to the vital organs is increased. When there is a good supply of blood to the penis, there is improved sexual performance. Some of the products when taken for long interfere with the activity of the heart. An example is horny goat weed that can cause heart arrhythmias, vomiting and nose bleeding when taken for long. Ginkgo biloba helps to dilate the blood vessels and therefore increases the blood circulation to the sexual organs. The herb can cause internal bleeding or increase bleeding that is already present in a patient.

They Do What They Claim

Most of the male enhancements products are not approved by FDA and they do not work as advertised. Most of the promoters who sell the products tell things that are not true concerning the products. This helps to increase the sales and increase the ecstasy of the promises. The studies that have been done by scientists say that the strength of the erection will reduce if the length of the penis was increased. They explain that the chambers that are contained in the penis are not supposed to be stretched. The chambers should be tight so that the penis remains rigid when it is filled with blood. A herb originating from Persia is claimed to increase the size of the penis in thirty days when used using a stretching technique.

Do You Really Need Them?

A research done showed that most women are satisfied about the size of their partner’s penis. Most men are worried about the size of their penis and their ability to satisfy their partners. The study also relieved that the men who had penises that were of normal size, were still concerned about the size of their penises. This men have a psychological condition called small penis syndrome that makes them anxious about their manhood. This is usually the case even when they do not have anything to be worried about their lives.

The average size of a penis that is not erect is 3-4 inches and the size grows to 5-7 inches when it is erect.
This shows that men do not need to stress themselves over the issue of their penises.

Ingredients are Listed Correctly

Some of the herbal supplements that are sold as alternatives to Viagra are not what they are. Most of them have Viagra as one of their ingredients but this is usually not listed as one of their ingredients.

Several reports show that most of the male enhancement products that are sold contain preparations that are tainted with drugs. One of the herbal products that was being used in Chinese was found to have sildenafil, an ingredient that is contained in Viagra.

Most of the people who take the male enhancement drugs are not sure of what they are taking. This exposes them to health problems that may be caused by the ingredients that are contained in them.

Some of the effects of this drugs may cause more harm than good and therefore it is important to be cautious.

You will be Satisfied with it

This is one of the myths is believed by most people who use the male enhancement products. When one uses drugs that increase the size of the penis, damage may occur to the blood vessels and nerves. Some people who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction use pumps and this may cause damage to the elastic tissue that is contained in the penis. This may lead to patient getting erections that are less firm and this may continue throughout the patient’s life. The use of the natural male enhancements products is a risk not worth taking. This is because the damage that may be caused may outweigh the benefits. Therefore, it is encouraged to appreciate the natural gifts that one has been given.


The natural male enhancement products may contain products that will interfere with the patient’s condition. Most of the products do not contain the ingredients that are mentioned. Most of them do not function as indicated and people do not really need them. It is important to appreciate one’s own natural body and avoid their use as they cause more damage.