Top Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Male

Depression, obesity, injury and much more are reasons for male erectile dysfunction. When a man experiences ED, they are experiencing a lack of penile erection. This means even if they are excited, they have trouble making an erection. This is primarily attributed to lack of blood flow to the penis. The inside of the male member contains porous like pockets where blood fills them. Once it becomes filled, it causes it to rise and become hard. When the blood is absent, the member remains limp. Aside from that primary fact, there are secondary causes that prevent blood flow to the penis.

Stress and depression are reasons for male erectile dysfunction. Not only does stress cause a number of problems, it also inhibits a person from relaxing. Men and women both stress differently. Women are prone to stress more and often about smaller issues. Men will stress about situations that can be overwhelming and exhausting. Usually following stress is anxiety and depression. Anxiety can sometimes cause premature ejaculation. Depression can kill a libido all together. If your depression or anxiety is reaching levels of panic or suicidal thoughts, you need to contact your doctor immediately.

Obesity is reasons for male erectile dysfunction. People are not forced to be obese, it is a life choice. The problem with that is being obese has its drawbacks. You may suffer from lethargy, unknown pains, premature ejaculation or no erection at all. The situation primarily depends on how obese you are, and if the health of your body is failing. Some people are so obese, the circulation to their limbs, often their feet and legs, is being restricted. This can also affect your penis. On the other hand, obesity has the tendency to reduce self-esteem. Obese individuals may be reluctant to engage with sex because of their physical appearance.

Poor blood flow and injuries are more reasons for male erectile dysfunction. Of course, you know that blood flow is important to make and keep an erection. However, if you are suffering from poor circulatory problems, you may be unable to do so. Also, injuries from exposure to harmful chemicals can be responsible for ED. Remember that all these tendencies often require seeing a physician. There are supplements available to use for ED, and these can help with a proper diet and exercise. But, the ultimate choice will be to see a doctor and get their medical expertise.