Top 7 Easy Sex Positions for Beginners

You don’t gain sexual experience and amazing performance overnight. Our sexual power isn’t given; we’re not born with it.

That’s a skill that requires constant work and effort in order to grow and evolve. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, it just means you have to practice.

If you’re a beginner, strive to have sex regularly, dare to experiment and see what works for both you and the significant other, give a chance to different positions.

When practicing with positions, avoid a common mistake of moving immediately to complicated styles. Start with easy positions first in order to gain more experience and move smoothly to advanced moves.

Here are seven easy sex positions for beginners to a try:

1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl is one of the best positions to try if you want to gain more experience. The position is equally beneficial for both men and women and allows gentlemen to make their significant others achieve orgasm easily.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This sexual position allows a girl to lean forward, back, or maybe bounce, grind, anything she wants to do in order to pleasure her partner and climax intensely. Bearing in mind the cowgirl offers a great view to both people and eye contact, it is ideal for beginners.

Getting into this position is easy; a man lies down on the bed while a woman straddles him and guides his penis inside her. Of course, a girl can always use her hands for balance.

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It is up to you whether to lean forward or grind with back straight up. Once his simple variation becomes easy to perform, try full cowgirl which tends to be more complex.

Women who enjoy clitoral stimulation will move in a forward-backward motion. On the other hand, the up-down motion is more demanding[1] and allows the penis to glide deep into the vagina.

Circular motion is similar to forward-backward option and allows amazing clitoral stimulation.

2. Face-To-Face

What makes this sex position suitable for beginners is the intimacy. Sexual performance greatly depends on intimacy and as a beginner, it is important to work on that.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This also applies to couples who just started dating. Getting to know another person coupled with inexperience can lead to performance anxiety, contrary to the feeling of comfort, passion, and intimacy we’re shooting for.

Let’s not forget to mention that this face-to-face position allows deeper penetration.

The process is relatively easy, start by lying on the bed on your sides and facing each other. A girl should move slightly higher up on the bed so that her hips are above their partner’s.

The next thing to do is for a girl to wrap her leg around him and guide the man’s penis inside of her. If it’s awkward at first, the lubricant can help.

Since straight thrusting may be difficult in this position, the couple can try different techniques such as up-and-down, circular motion, to achieve orgasm.

3. Spooning

Spooning never goes out of style! This sex position is ideal for couples regardless of their sexual experience, relationship duration, and other things.

It’s always a good time to spoon and have some naughty fun, especially in the morning. Spooning is excellent for G-spot stimulation and poses as one of the most comfortable positions for both men and women.

Everybody knows how to spoon, lie on the bed next to one another when in spooning position a girl should ensure her hips are above her partner’s. Then, a woman allows her man to penetrate by lifting top leg slightly.

Soft, passionate kissing can enhance intimacy and passion of spooning. When talking about making this position more intimate, it is important to bear in mind spooning is also great for anal penetration[2].

For couples who haven’t had anal sex, but would love to try, spooning is the most comfortable position to make it happen. Spooning is flexible, comfy, and easily maneuverable which is why it gives both partners good control over the angle and depth of penetration.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

4. Missionary

Frankly, it would be impossible to talk about ideal sex positions for beginners without a missionary. While some people may find it boring and you feel the urge to move on to more demanding positions, missionary is the king and shouldn’t be overlooked.

This sex position for beginners allows couples to cuddle while having sex, ensures a great deal of penetration while giving men liberty to explore the bodies of their significant others. Let’s not forget the position allows for eye-to-eye contact to connect two people on a deeper level.

Missionary is easy, a girl lies on the bed, lifts her legs so that their knees are bent, spreads them apart to allow her man to penetrate. The position allows strong, powerful thrusting and is ideal for both gentle and rough sex, depending on the couple’s preferences.

For even greater effect, a woman should move her hips while her legs are wrapped around the man to ensure even greater stimulation. After all, the missionary doesn’t mean a woman has to lie still and do nothing while a man does all the work.

Simple hip movements can intensify the excitement.

Contrary to the popular belief, missionary position isn’t boring. In fact, it can be incredibly exciting!

To maximize pleasure[3] enhance skin contact. In fact, go for maximum skin contact by actively rubbing your body against the lovers.

Spice up the intercourse, and this position, with light bondage. For example, cuffs are affordable, easy to use, but do wonders for your sex life.

5. Modified Doggy

Not all couples are the same. While for some couples (even beginners) doggy style is the most exciting way to have sex, it can be too intense for others.

But, if you still want to try or continue doing doggy, just modify it. Sex positions are like yoga, for every position there is a multitude of variations waiting for you to try them all.

For inexperienced lovers, doggy style can induce the feeling of accomplishment and incredible excitement. But, when the position is too intense for one partner, it can turn into a big problem.

You are reluctant to do it, but at the same time, you don’t want to deprive a partner of the pleasure.

For greater comfort, particularly for beginners, women can prompt themselves up with pillows under their belly area. Yet another useful thing to do is either transition from “regular” doggy onto your elbows or start the intercourse when a woman is still on her stomach.

6. Doggy Style

Doggy Style
Doggy style is always a good idea, regardless of one’s sexual experience. For beginners, this sex position is more advanced than missionary, provides more intensity, but it’s still simple to perform without complex maneuvers.

Another useful thing about doggy style is that it allows deeper penetration and leaves a man’s hands-free to stimulate a woman’s clitoris.

To do this, a woman should get into the doggy style position by resting on her hands and knees while her legs are spread allowing a man to kneel behind her and penetrate. Depending on height differences, you may need legs further apart or closer together.

Just like any other position, doggy also has multiple variations and it is possible to intensify pleasure through different tips and tricks.

For example, instead of having a woman on all fours, doggy can be performed standing up and leaning forward slightly against a wall[4] or bent over a desk or table.

In addition, doggy style is perfect for incorporating breast and nipple stimulation. Women also tend to be louder during doggy style because the position makes them feel more uninhibited since the guy can’t see their face.

7. Woman On Top

A vast majority of women feel exposed and uncomfortable during sex when they are on top. This happens regardless of their age or experience level.

However, a healthy sex life and better performance dictate both partners should feel happy and comfortable with one another. This particular position allows women to take control over the intercourse and helps women ease into this whole “woman on top” idea.

Nope, we’re not talking about cowgirl here. To get into this position a man should lean against a couch or wall while a woman straddles him and lowers down. Using her hand, she guides a man’s penis into her vagina.

For greater effects, a man can slightly bend his knees to give a girl help propping up. Not only does this position[5] give women control over the intercourse, but it is responsible for amazing orgasms.

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Nobody is born as a sex expert, you become one. When it comes to sexual prowess, practice is essential. One doesn’t have to be a genius to understand practice here refers to regular sex.

Even though it is easy to assume you should try those complex moves for mind-blowing sex, stick to simple movements if still a beginner.

Simple sex positions for beginners are mentioned in this article allow amazing clitoral stimulation, greater penetration, cuddling and kissing, you name it. Thanks to their simplicity, these positions help partners work on their experience easily. To relive your experience you can go for some male enhancement product such as Deeper Gel Male Enhancement.

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