Treat Erectile Dysfunction – Devices to Consider

by Nick Swanson

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that is much more openly talked about than ever before. For this reason, it seems as though there are more men suffering from the condition these days, although this is more likely due to this openness and the fact that there are more treatment options available.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Just because it is the male that actually suffers the physical effect of Erectile Dysfunction, the problem can be distressing for both sexual partners and, if left untreated, can be responsible for the breakdown of the relationship. Fortunately, with more people ready to admit they are suffering from the condition, doctors are better equipped to help offer the correct forms of treatment. While the doctor would also try to determine whether the root of the condition is physical or psychological, the methods of treatment are largely the same.

Before the prevalence of so many herbal and prescription medications used to help Erectile Dysfunction, it was very common for the man to use some type of device such as a penile band. As the name suggests, this is a ring, usually rubber or plastic, that is placed around the base of the penis. It is for men who can obtain an erection, but are unable to sustain it, and it must be attached once the erection has been achieved. Constricting the penis, the penile band stops blood from flowing away from the area, allowing for a stronger, longer-lasting erection.

For those who cannot obtain the initial erection, it may be necessary to employ the use of a vacuum device, sometimes known as a ‘penis pump’. The male simply places a tube over his lubricated penis and then, through the use of a manual or battery operated pump, creates a vacuum to encourage the erection. Once this is achieved, a penile band is used to keep the blood in the engorged penis until the sexual act is over.

While obviously no male wants to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, it is good for them, and their partner, to know that there is help available and they can indeed once again enjoy a healthy sex life.