Finding Treatment for Impotency

by Nick Swanson

Treatment for Impotency
Approximately one in every ten men suffers from impotency. Impotency is a term used to describe trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection. Unfortunately, many men find this problem embarrassing so they often do not seek help for it. They find it hard to discuss with their partners and even their doctors.

Avoiding the problem does nothing to fix it. There are treatments for impotency but in order to find those treatments, men must be willing to admit that they have a problem. Determining the cause of impotency is just one step toward actually treating the problem. Through therapy, exercise, medication, or surgery, it is entirely possible to overcome impotency.

The main cause of impotency is psychological. If a man suffers from stress, depression, or relationship problems it can make it difficult to obtain an erection. Sometimes just talking to a therapist to overcome these issues is enough of a treatment for impotency.

If you are experiencing relationship issues, you must find a way to discuss these issues with your partner. If you are unable to approach the topic, make an appointment for couples counseling. Getting to the root of the problem can provide miraculous results. If you still experience problems, there are other ways to solve the issue.

Sometimes men have trouble obtaining an erection because of circulation problems. A vacuum pump can be used right before sex to suction blood into the penis. Once you have obtained an erection, you then place a ring at the base of the penis to keep the blood there so you can maintain your erection.

Another treatment for treatment for impotency is medication. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are three commonly used medications to treat impotency. These drugs make obtaining and maintaining an erection much easier when you experience any form of sexual stimulation.

If you have tried all other treatments for impotency with no positive results, you may have to discuss surgical options with your doctors. If your problem is because of a lack of proper circulation, you can always have surgery to repair blocked arteries in the pelvic area.

In addition, there is also a surgery the places a prosthetic in your penis, which allows you to obtain erection when you want to for as long you need to. This type of surgery should only be used as a last effort when all else has failed because of infection complications and high failure rates. It is best to try other treatments before opting for surgery.