Treatment Impotence – Some Information

There are many men who battle with impotence on a daily basis. For these men, there are several treatment impotence options available. There are, of course, prescription medications like Viagra and Cialis that you can take for your treatment impotence. There are also other remedies that do not require medications like a penis pump and herbal supplements you can take in order to help your condition. Whichever treatment impotence you choose, be sure to discuss your condition very thoroughly with your doctor so you are both on the same page with how to treat this condition.

Treatment Impotence

The most popular and most well-known treatment impotence option is, of course, prescription medications. Prescription medications for treatment impotence include Viagra and Cialis. Though both of these medications are used in treatment impotence, they are both very different. Viagra is a medication that you take right before sexual intercourse that enables you to get and maintain an erection within half an hour. Cialis, however, does not work the same way. Cialis is more for the long-term as it eventually helps you be better able to get and keep an erection without having to take a pill before sexual intercourse. Either of these medications is a good option as long as you are healthy enough to take them.

If you are either not comfortable with taking prescription medications for your treatment impotence or you are not able to take the pills for health reasons, you can also try using a penis pump. The penis pump allows you to get an erection so you can have sexual intercourse without having to take any pills or anything else. If you choose this option for your treatment impotence, be aware that it will likely have physical side effects. The side effects of using the penis pump in your treatment impotence plan are that it will likely cause your penis to become a purple or blue color in some places and it can cause your penis to become a little numb. None of these side effects are harmful in any way or permanent, but you need to be aware of them so you will not be scared if it happens.

There are also herbal supplements you can take for your treatment impotence plan. You can take Gingko or Ginseng in order to help with your problems getting and keeping an erection. These herbal supplements are very popular choices for many treatment impotence plans because they are all natural and safe to use. So, if you find that none of those other treatment impotence options appeal to you, try one of these herbal supplements for a while to see if it can help you.