Understanding the Types of Premature Ejaculation

Many men from all over the world suffer from a very common sexual disorder. This disorder is no other than premature ejaculation. It is characterized by a man who climaxes faster than his partner. 1 out 3 males in the United States has this problem. Not only does it affect them psychologically, men who ejaculate prematurely are also affected relationship-wise. Premature ejaculation inhibits satisfying sexual experience which may lead to conflicts, misunderstanding and miscommunication between the couple. It is a condition that needs looking into and the first step to take would be to understand the types of premature ejaculation.

Types of Premature Ejaculation

Understanding the Types of Premature Ejaculation

Knowing the types of premature ejaculation allow men and their health care provider to assess the best approach to their problem. There are two known types of premature ejaculation which are:

  • Primary premature ejaculation
  • Secondary premature ejaculation

Primary premature ejaculation refers to the type of premature ejaculation wherein the person has had the problem all throughout his sexual maturity. It is possible that a person has had low testosterone levels all his life and found out he has ejaculation problems when he started getting sexually active.

Secondary premature ejaculation is also referred to as acquired premature ejaculation. He had experienced climaxing and having satisfying sexual intercourse in the past but for some reason, he is having problems of restraining himself. It can be caused by a period of “dry spell” as he gets easily excited once he gets sexually active again. It can also be caused by other factors such as performance anxiety with a new partner, depression, stress, hormonal imbalance and medical conditions.

Knowing the type of premature ejaculation will help you understand your treatment options better. Experts believe that occasional premature ejaculation is nothing to worry about. But if they appear consistently, at least 40% of the time they are having sex, then they need to see a doctor.

The approaches in addressing the two types of premature ejaculation may also differ. According to studies, most men who have premature ejaculation fall on the primary type. It may be due to bad experiences before or upon reaching sexual maturity. Performance anxiety plays a vital role at this point in their lives and may have affected them as they grow older. In this case, addressing performance anxiety through counseling and behavioral therapies can help them deal with the issue.

For acquired premature ejaculation, it is important to know what caused them this problem. Addressing the root cause, may it be depression, obesity or medication is the key to enhance to achieve orgasms.


Premature ejaculation is a condition you need to deal with for you to achieve and maintain a healthy sex life. The healing process begins when you acknowledge the problem and you talk to your doctor and your partner about it.