Ups and Downs of Middle Age with Male Menopause

by Nick Swanson

Ups and Downs of Middle Age with Male Menopause
Though most people believe menopause is strictly a condition women experience, men also undergo a type of change as they move from middle age into their senior years. The official medical term for this change is andropause. The phase is triggered by a decrease in testosterone levels. When testosterone begins to decrease with age, it triggers a variety of side effects that are often unpleasant and uncomfortable. Many of these symptoms are similar to the menopause experienced by women. Men experience mood swings, variations in boy temperature, and a decreased interest in sexual relations. The changes men experience are often overwhelming and confusing, but they are reluctant to speak with their doctors because they are embarrassed. Many turn to the Internet for information and seek out a male menopause wiki to help them determine if what they are experiencing is normal.

There are a variety of remedies that can help ease the effects of male menopause. Balancing hormone levels is often the easiest and only solution needed. Since andropause is triggered by a decrease in testosterone, many doctors prescribe testosteron male menopause male menopause wiki. Hormone therapy is often the prescribed treatment for women, too. Creating balanced hormone levels is vital to helping someone feel better. Imbalance is the cause of a variety of health conditions, so restoring balance often restores health.

In addition to hormone therapy, just understanding what is happening helps ease the effects of andropause and symptoms of menopause. Everyone knows women go through menopause. It is an important part of sex education classes, so even before a girl has begun menstruating, she often understands her body will eventually change and she will experience menopause. If andropause is mention in sex education at all, it is often just in passing. The brief mention is often ignored by boys and by the time they are deep into middle age, they have no recollection of what they learned.

Not knowing what is happening in his body is a scary experience for a man. He might know something is “off,” but not fully understand what is going on. Emotions are usually one of the first things that are affected by hormonal changes, so a man might not have the presence of mind to realize his feelings are not that bad. Men who suffer from depression are believed to be at a higher risk for andropause, adding to the problems. If you believe andropause might be the cause of symptoms you are experiencing, speak with your doctor about testing your hormone levels.