5 Reasons To Follow Vegan Diet For Better Sex Performance

The vegan diet is kind of a diet that contains plants only such as vegetables, nuts, grains, and fruits. Basically it is a natural kind of diet where people eat strictly plant not even animal products like eggs and milk. What is more interesting with vegans is that unlike vegetarians who only do not eat meat and poultry but will use products derived from animals like leather or honey, vegans strictly don’t use even products which are not necessarily foods derived from animals. Most vegans usually choose that kind of lifestyle for reasons which may include health, ethical or environmental. Vegans will tell you that what makes them choose that kind of lifestyle is to bring about a new world where people are more caring to animals.

So is it true to say that vegans have better sex performance?

It can be said that indeed vegans have a better sexual performance due to a number of reasons. Below are some 5 reasons why vegans have better sexual performance:

1. Vegan foods help to increase blood flow in the body

Vegan Diet For Better Sex Performance

A vegan diet is particularly very healthy for a man’s sexual health in that it helps to remove plague off the walls of the blood vessels thus ensuring effective blood flow all over the body and also to the sex organs. For a man to perform better in bed he needs sufficient blood flow in his body and particularly to the penis and it seems the vegan diet helps to do just that. If you take a look at a diet of meat you will find that it affects blood flow negatively in the body by adding obstacles to the blood vessels and hampering effective blood circulation. A diet of meat also increases the amount of synthetic hormones that are not good for the body.

2. Boosts energy

You need more energy for you to be able to last longer in bed because sex is a physical activity. You need natural energy in your body for great sex and the answer to it is off course the vegan diet. Fruits which are part of the vegan diet are laden with natural sugars which are healthy for the body. Take a banana for instance it is high in potassium, a nutrient that is vital in the production of sex hormone. Bananas are also good sources of energy that you will need for endurance during sex.
Other vegan foods that help to boost energy in the body include chocolate and nuts. They are also considered as aphrodisiacs.

3. Vegan foods makes people happy and also alleviate stress

It has been found out that eating fruits and vegetables effectively increases serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a chemical which helps to eliminate stress hormones from the body bringing about feeling of happiness. When you are less stressed your desire to have sex increases and so will your performance. Research has also found out that people who don’t eat meat show a tendency of being happy and are less stressed compared to those who eat meat. What brings about this is the presence of omega -6 fatty acids in meat which are blamed to cause mood changes in the brain when the levels are high.

4. Vegan foods help to increase lubrication in women

Vegan foods such as watermelon and some other vegetables are known to help keep our bodies hydrated because of the high levels of water in them. Cucumber, cantaloupe and watermelon have been found to help hydrate the skin giving it a very good tone. Other vegan foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids like sunflower seeds and pumpkin can help hydrate women who usually suffer from vaginal dryness giving them the much needed lubrication for enjoyable sex.

5. Vegan foods contain nutrients which help to boost libido

Research has proven that there are some vegan foods that bring about a chemical reaction in the body that helps to boost libido in men and women. Still there are some vegan foods that are highly rich in Zinc and vitamin B complexes which help to boost testosterone levels thus boosting your sex drive. Examples of vegan foods rich in Zinc and vitamin B complexes are; basil, pine nuts, figs, almonds, avocados and bananas.


You should consider switching from your current diet of more meats to the vegan diet. The vegan kind of lifestyle comes with numerous health benefits and not just sexual health. People who are strictly following the vegan diet lifestyle don’t usually suffer from lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and high blood pressure. This is enough reason for you to start following the vegan diet lifestyle yourself and you will see how your sexual performance will greatly improve.