Vimax Extender – Does Vimax Extender Work?

by Nick Swanson

Vimax Extender Overview

The Vimax Extender is a device claimed to be proven to improve a man’s self confidence in the bedroom. This device is sold and promoted through its official product website, through which all purchases are backed by the company’s money-back satisfaction guarantee. While an increase in the length of penile tissues is promised by many of the descriptions of the Vimax Extender, the cited studies done on it also indicate that it can be used to straighten out curved penile tissues as well. The Vimax Extender costs about $100.

How Does Vimax Extender Work?

The Vimax Extender is said to be able to cause penile tissues to gain three to four inches in length while also smoothing out and correcting any existing penile tissue curvature. Specifically speaking, the Vimax Extender is claimed to correct such curvatures by up to 75% while helping users to gain an average length increase of 30%. While some of these improvements are said to be possible within the first week of use, optimal results should occur after about 12 weeks (as indicated by the cited studies done on this product). Basically, the Vimax Extender is a device that works by applying pressure to the penile tissues so that they are “rolled out” through the idea of traction. When penile tissues are gently stretched, an increased generation of new tissue cell growth is encouraged, thus resulting in a longer penis.

Vimax Extender Product Details

Vimax Extender

Unlike orally ingested products, the Vimax Extender functions purely through external means that are said to stimulate internal (and long lasting) results. The Vimax Extender is a device made to fit any current penis size.

Good About Vimax Extender

  • Purchases are sold with a 6-month money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Studies have been done on this item.
  • The Vimax Extender can be conveniently purchased through its official product website.
  • There are positive user testimonials for the Vimax Extender.

Bad About Vimax Extender

  • The Vimax Extender is expensive.

Vimax Extender The Bottom Line

Overall, for men who are interested in a clinically proven product endorsed by a money-back guarantee, the Vimax Extender sounds like a decently appealing option. Detailed instructions about how to use it are provided online, and the 6-month guarantee gives consumers ample time to determine whether or not it is delivering its promised benefits to them. However, at the same time, the Vimax Extender does cost around $100, and this high price may simply be out of the budget for many consumers.