Virectin – Does Virectin Work?

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Virectin Overview

Made from all natural ingredients, Virectin is produced by Gentopia Laboratories. Virectin, like many of the products produced by this company, is promised to enhance a male’s sex life. More specifically, Virectin is claimed to support sexual desire, improve endurance, and intensify overall firmness, among other promised benefits. This product is promoted and sold through its official website, where very detailed and helpful information can be easily found. Additionally, a discount code (listed below) can be used for a 15% reduction on the listed price for Virectin. Regularly priced Virectin costs about $44.95 per box.

Virectin Product Details

Virectin Loaded

As previously stated, Virectin is formulated from only natural ingredients. These ingredients include 17 active ingredients; such ingredients include L-arginine, Tribulus, niacin, Ashwagandha root, and maca root. Other active ingredients used in the complete Virectin formula include selenium, avena sativa, and fenugreek seed. A complete list of ingredients for this male enhancement supplement can be found online at the official product website.

In addition to providing information about what ingredients are included in the Virectin formula, the product website also provides information regarding how these particular ingredients support the complete product formula. For example, Tribulus is touted as being capable of increasing male testosterone levels while avena sativa is known to be commonly used as an aphrodisiac. Maca root is also praised for its ability to increase sexual arousal while also offering benefits to non-hormonal functions of the body as well. Other ingredients in this herbal supplement are promised to increase the strength of erections, offer support to the prostrate, and improve overall sexual desire.

Virectin’s official product website contains helpful customer service contact information – a beneficial factor because consumers then have the option of learning more about this product if desired. Additionally, all purchases of Virectin are backed by a lengthy 60-day satisfaction guarantee; this period of time should prove more than ample for consumers to determine if Virectin produces its promised results or not.

Good About Virectin

  • This supplement is made from all natural ingredients, a full list of which can be found on the official website.
  • Using a code (GTS15) will give consumers a 15% discount on this product.
  • Virectin is 100% NATURAL, and is the most powerful male enhancement product for men on the market!
  • Virectin is endorsed by many customer reviews which are featured on the product’s website.
  • All purchases are backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • This is a moderately priced supplement.

Bad About Virectin

  • No clinical studies have been conducted directly on this male enhancement product.
  • Use with alcohol is not advisable.


Overall, Virectin sounds like a promising herbal male enhancement product. The overall cost of this supplement is justifiable, considering the many promising ingredients that are used in the formula. Additionally, the lengthy satisfaction guarantee assures consumers that the financial risk involved in purchasing this product is very minimal. Finally, the many positive user reviews all point to the efficacy of Virectin.

Virectin – The Bottom Line

Virectin is an easy to use product that works quickly with no risk of side effects. Only the highest quality herbal ingredients are used to ensure strength and purity of all ingredients. Although details aren’t given about clinical studies, the product begins at just forty dollars a box and comes with a two month money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy for any reason, you are given a full refund; only companies who know their products are truly successful will safely offer a guarantee like this. With no health or financial risks, there is no reason to not try Virectin.

Where To Find it?

Best Deals and Pricing Available at
Discount Code GTS15 gets you 15% OFF your order at

Where to Get it?

Best Deals and Pricing Available at
Discount Code GTS15 gets you 15% OFF your order at

The Official Website is also offering FREE! Vibrating Pulsating Penis Ring and Bonus! Free E-book (Putting A Boost Back Into The Bedroom) with every purchase of Virectin.

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

*Results may vary. If you have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions we suggest consulting with a physician before using any supplement. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied upon as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using any supplements.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "associate sales links." This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, we will receive a commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services which we use personally and/or believe will add value to our readers. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials."


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  1. Barney Stinson

    My age is 40. I was having irregular periods, I felt it’s a symptom of menopause as I was suffering from night sweats and hot flashes. It was very difficult for me to concentrate on my family and work. My friend recommended me menoquil. I am using Menoquil from last 2 months. The problem of hot flashes has been solved. I would recommend it to all those women’s who want an effective improvement in their health.

  2. Floyd

    I am surprised after reading some negative feedback on the internet regarding results of Virectin. I would personally feel these are may be fake. Till the time I used this product I feel like a real man on the bed, my wife even always approach me for the intake of Virectin before the activities begin. This stuff really make a lot of improvement in my performance. Must try product

  3. Eugene

    As far as the effects are concerned, I have never seen a product working like this. Virectin is one such product which I will recommend it for as much as people because I personally found some great improvement in my sexual health. I used to suffer with premature ejaculation right from my teen age and have tried lot of enhancement products but the way this supplement works for me is remarkable.

  4. Roger

    It’s really an amazing feeling that I finally found one such product that genuinely help me with my premature ejaculation problems. I have literally found this supplement helpful for me, I had a very bad experience with few previous product but thanks to this remarkable item. I really lose all my hopes but Virectin did something miracle for me, otherwise I won’t be able to enjoy this active sexual life again

  5. Darrell

    I take Virectin every now and then just before the intercourse happens. Genuinely a great product to try, you could harldy find any harmful reaction while using this.

  6. Louis

    I don’t how but it appears to be totally different from my previous experience with Virectin. When I first make used of it a year ago, I haven’t found those results which I seriously expect from it. But, nowadays it feels like there nothing in the industry, which works like Virectin did. Total satisfaction, the duration of the intercourse increases automatically and much filler moment compare to other days

  7. Barry

    Just a little disappointment in terms of increasing the manhood size other than I can say that there is no other product relatively which helps to boost any men’s sexual health as like Virectin did. Totally satisfied with the results

  8. Andrew

    This product comes in my life as a new hope, I had problems of premature ejaculation before coming to Virectin. I am a middle age person and I believe my smoking habits is the main factor behind my illness. But as the time passes I found some great improvement in my performance. Virectin works in all sorts of my sexual health, the natural ingredients doesn’t allow me to experience any harmful effects and the erection quality is just awesome.

  9. Torres

    The product is just not just equipped with the natural substances but you can expect the same result as they are claiming. Additionally, my experience with the customer support is remarkable…

  10. Ralph

    I called Virectin a generic male enhancement product not just because I am using it but truly this stuff has a lot of amazing things to do on a way to enhance one’s sexual life. I have a been a continuous user of Virectin for the last 3 years and had never feel any harmful effects from, in reality my sexual desire increases day by day with a great improvement during activities.

  11. Samuel

    I am on a way to end up my third container of Virectin male enhancement supplement, seriously speaking this is the best pill that I ever used. A great improvement during lovemaking performance, erection quality for almost the entire session. Must be a recommended stuff.

  12. Dwayne

    This is one supplement that I can choose again and again… unlike many other male enhancement Virectin is definitely stand different, the ingredients are safe and you won’t believe that it works like a magic for boosting overall performance. Recommended.

  13. joe

    Does not work. If you return plan on paying for shipping, insurance, etc. and a bunch of other hoops to jump thru to send an empty bottle back. I wouldnt purchase this again.

  14. Chad

    One can definitely notice an improvement in their sexual life with the use of Virectin, the best thing about this product, is the use of high quality ingredients in the formula with a perfect amount. When I started using this product 2 years back my sexual life is not as good as now, this product is remarkably helps me to provide hard erection, superb increase in my energy and a huge sexual desire.

  15. Stacy

    Before started using this product, my husband has a very lack of sex drive and sometimes it feels like our marriage is comes to an end. We always tried to attain healthy sexual life but somehow we both our failed. It was just a month ago my hubby started using Virectin and nowadays the changes are noticeable. We both now enjoyed pleasure moment on a regular basis, thanks to this highly effective product that saves our relationship.

  16. Ricki

    All and all I can that this is what an ideal male enhancement supplement is, I personally notice the change in my performance, the pleasure and the effects during intercourse. Definitely will buy this again and again.

  17. Merton

    Virectin helped me with my sexual performance to a great extent. Being a male stripper, I have to perform best during party nights and with Virectin in my locker, I never have worry. One of my clients was amazed with my performance for more than 2 hours!!!!

  18. Linwood

    I was struggling from ED until I started using Virectin. This is an amazing product that helped me to fight with my ED problem by giving increased sex drive and harder erections! Thanks Virectin for curing my ED!

  19. Joseph

    Virectin is amazing! It’s out of the world. I feel like this a savior of my sex life that came from Mars. Gave me tremendous energy and stamina all of a sudden with the very first pill I took.

  20. Jayed

    Virectin is made up 100% natural ingredients! It is so effective that within minutes I got rock solid erections and I must say that night I really lasted for long!

  21. Dwade

    I’m using Virectin from the past couple of months and I’m really going strong, hard and more durable during sex. She’s like “Come on babe, bang me and bang me hard!!!”

  22. Evan

    Virectin is an awesome product! The end results are superb as I can last for long and that helps me to give her the best orgasm!

  23. Axel

    Virectin gave me rock hard erection, within 15 minutes I was as hard as steel. Mind blowing control over climax and a blasting ejaculation, really a superb product!!!

  24. Larry

    Hi! I’m 41! I was suffering from ED and that was troubling my sex life! I tried Virectin with a hope that it will resolve my problem and it did. My ED problem is almost over and now I can attain hard erections for a longer time! Thank you Virectin!

  25. Devin

    I was curious to try out a male enhancement product as I wanted to increase my size as well my overall sexual performance. I tried Virectin and experienced an increase in size, stamina and energy. I’m very happy that I choose Virectin! For me this product is the BEST!

  26. Saul

    I just placed my third order for Virectin and I’m quite happy to say that it has increased my sexual desire & stamina to what it was during my 20s.

  27. Radnor

    Virectin is a very effective product. I’ve been using it for more than a year and my erection problem has completely disappeared. I use it on a regular basis and I’ve also recommended it to many of my friends who were facing similar problems.

  28. Alpert

    Fabulous results!! I use it regularly and I just love the way it works for me. I feel more active and energetic now! Would definitely recommend it to all!!!

  29. Orick

    It takes a few week to get going but if you really stick to it than it’s worth the wait. Price is affordable so we can use Virectin on a regular basis.

  30. Jovan

    Virectin took couple of weeks to work properly but in the 3rd week it actually kicked in and it was worth waiting for the results. Thank you Virectin!

  31. Macky

    Virectin is awesome! It gives positive results. I use it every time before the sexual encounter and the end result is fantastic.

  32. Norberto

    Virectin works great for my erection problem. I’ve been on it for more than a month and now I can achieve rock hard erection.

  33. Manuel

    I’m a male and in my 50’s, physically fit and active. I was facing erection problem from the past few days. So my friend suggested me to use Virectin for my erection problem. I placed an order, received my shipment in no time, using it for the past 1 week without any side effects. Erections are lot better. This is a great product.

  34. Alexin

    Virectin gave me favorable results. I’ve been using it for last 6 months and I’m very happy that it working very well for me.

  35. Arwey

    My stamina has been improved tremendously since I started using Virectin. With zero side effects I’m enjoying the gains of this product.

  36. Larry

    I’m dating a girl for the past 3 weeks and on the Thanksgiving Day we decided to meet. I took Virectin before meeting her and she was so amazed to see my cock. I banged her hard and she was like begging me to stop. Great product! Never had such an experience in my life before.

  37. Brady

    Virectin gave me what it claims. Within a week, I have experienced tremendous change in my energy. The boost in the stamina is helping me to last longer.

  38. Kemp

    No doubt Virectin is a great product to deal with erectile dysfunction. My ED problem has vanished up to 95% after using Virectin. Thank you Virectin!!!

  39. Joel

    This product works really great. I was unable to last for long. But this product did the trick for me and now my bedroom performance is at a new peak. Thank you Virectin!

  40. Jack

    I was searching for something that could help me to get rid of my erection problem. Virectin came up as a solution to my problem. My erections are much better and enduring now.

  41. Ives

    I am using Virectin as a dietary supplement and I’m feeling energetic & young day by day. I’m 52 and my energy is like 20. Great product!!!!

  42. Allwin

    I got desired result from this product. Earlier I was doubtful about it but when I started getting results from it, I was amazed. My wife loves the way I perform in bed now.

  43. Jyade

    I admit that this product has helped me a lot & saved my marriage. I was facing problem in attaining it for long but Virectin solved my problem and now I can really last for long. Thank you Virectin!

  44. Hanford

    Virectin is working fine for me. This is a miraculous product created by Gentopia Laboratories which helps to get your sexual life back on track.

  45. Slyver

    Virectin seems to be working very well for me and the results I got are 100% as they promised with zero side effects.

  46. Garwyn

    I have definitely noticed an improvement in my power, strength and vigor after using Virectin for a month. I have renewed my supply.

  47. Sandy

    The results I got from this product are really amazing. With harder erections and long lasting power I’m able to satisfy my wife to the fullest. Will continue using this product… Thanks Virectin!!!

  48. Flinger

    I was fed up of my premature ejaculation and short term erection. I searched for the solution and I found Virectin. Things have changed dramatically after using this product. Better erection for extended period of time and no more early ejaculation.

  49. Lee

    I was looking for a natural product made up of natural ingredients with no side effects. Then I came across Virectin and it did exactly that I wanted it to do for me. With so many gains and zero side effects I have become a happy customer of “Virectin”.

  50. Edward

    Virectin has given me some unbelievable changes that I can’t explain over here. It has revived my sex life. I feel more energetic at work, at home and in bed ;-)

  51. Dalen

    I am 45 now and genuinely worried about my diminishing stamina, yet after one of my companion’s recommendation I used Virectin and it unexpectedly helps me to stay up even after 2 days of usage. It also helps me to get erect without any effort. I can get a firm solid erection effortlessly. My sexual drive expanded so high that I liked my stamina for long fulfilling hours. This product has drastically changed my whole life!

  52. Stuart

    This is a wonder pill. It worked exactly the way I wanted. I was facing multiple sexual disorders but after taking this pill it seems that my problem has got a solution. My erection is stronger and harder now.

  53. Altron

    Initially, I was very skeptical of Virectin but after using Virectin for a month I’m absolutely amazed by the positive results. My wife has noticed that my erection is much harder than before and my stamina has increased tremendously. It is an awesome product.

  54. Dino

    I was confused which male enhancement to try out as I was facing erection problem. While surfing on net I came across “Virectin” and read positive customer reviews that convinced me. So I placed an order from their official website and now waiting for the delivery.

  55. Bram

    Virectin is a quality product, no doubt about it. I have been using it for the past 1 and a half year & it has increased my stamina, vigor and also my erection quality. It has changed my sex life completely.

  56. Doug

    Virectin was the product I was looking for. To enhance to sexual performance and to attain erection for a long time, I tried this product. This product has done wonders for me and I’m a satisfied customer.

  57. Atwell

    I tried a number of products for my ED problem but nothing worked. Finally I thought to give a try to Virectin Double System as I read a number of positive reviews for this product and many testimonials from satisfied customers. Virectin is GREAT!!!! I have overcome my ED problem about 90%. Thanks Virectin.

  58. Wade

    This product is Amazing! It does work, have no fear of that. I’ve been using it for a month now and the results are exactly what I was looking for.

  59. Eyven

    This product is awesome and is working very well for me. I’ve been using it for last 6 months and the results are improving month by month. My erections, stamina and over sexual performance have improved tremendously. Thank you Virectin for changing my Sex Life!!!

    1. Sofi

      I agree with you Eyven. My husband started using Virectin back in September 2013 and with the passing time his performance improved day by day. Virectin is great!!!!

  60. Rex

    Virectin is simply awesome!!!! Got rock hard erections with the very first dose and was horny whole day. Great product, highly recommended for those who are looking to get long lasting and stronger erections.

  61. Francisco

    I started using Virectin at the age of 39 and now I’m 42 years old. The ingredients of Virectin have worked perfectly for me. During initial days of usage, it was not working for me but I didn’t lost hope and kept on taking it as recommended. Slowly and gradually it started working and now at this age also, I feel so energetic and sexy. ;-)

  62. Lewis

    I’ve been using Virectin for last 6 months. This product is good as it has worked very well for me, with zero side-effects to report. I would recommend it to my friends of all ages.

  63. Martin

    I am a bit thoughtful to try any kind of medication for my “bedroom disorders”, but my wife was getting a little impatient and I needed to do something. I tried Virectin at the recommendation of a friend. It worked very well beyond my expectations. My wife and I are very pleased so far with the results and I will surely use Virectin in the future. Astounding results with zero side effects!

  64. Dexter

    Hey………If you guys are looking for some extra lead in your pencil, look no farther than Virectin. This stuff really works and it starts working with the first capsule and you are ready for the bang.

  65. Dave

    As far as sexual vigor, confidence and overall health is concerned this is an excellent item. You aren’t set to expand penis size by utilizing pills. It’s simply not conceivable. Unless you have around the range of $10 thousand to dump on surgery…you are out of fortunes. On the other hand, I have used Virectin as a component of post cycle help to get my test levels over to ordinary and it works honestly well. It does give you an exceptional measure of vigor. When I’m utilizing it, I take a dosage about an hour before heading to the gym and I’m there for it.

  66. Wayne

    Virectin is exactly what I was looking for because of the price, accessibility and most importantly the quality of ingredients used in it. If you are looking for something real then this is the product. It serves its purpose perfectly and no need to use any other risky product. I would highly recommend Virectin.

  67. Alan

    Hi! I’m 47 and was suffering from ED, which was hampering my sexual life. I read positive reviews about Virectin and thought of giving it a try. After 2 weeks, I can say that this product provided me with hard & stronger erections. Seem that this product will resolve my ED problem within a month’s time.

  68. Weston

    I was losing everything, hope, happiness, sex, relationship. My gf was getting frustrated day by day and so was I. I needed a quick fix to save my relation and the fix came in a bottle named Virectin with 90 capsules. It gave me everything that I needed, to perform better in my bedroom and now I’m happy again.

    1. Grey

      Hey buddy, I’m facing the same problem and quite afraid of losing my relationship. Will this product help me to get back my performance and happiness? I’m a bit afraid of using such products as I’ve heard that they might cause some side effects. Did you notice any?

  69. Mattey

    I was facing the problem of ED from last 1 year and my wife was very much disappointed with my performance as I was unable to last for long. I tried different supplements but the results were not up to the mark. I was helpless then a friend of mine suggested me “Virectin” and now after 2 weeks into it I can say that this product really works. My erection problem is diminishing day by day as now I can last for long. My wife is very much surprised with my performance.

  70. Austin

    About 8 months back I started having issues with erectile dysfunction. I tried different pills, but they were nothing more than an expensive headache, with zero results. Then I found Virectin, and I’ve been a happy campaigner since. But not as happy as my wife!! Virectin has completely revived my love life and makes me feel like I’m 20 again. Thank you Virectin.

  71. Bryan

    I had erectile problem from the past 2 years. And now I am using virectin which is giving me good results. I am using this product from the past 2 weeks; I feel better stamina and energy. Even my wife is now happy with my performance. Thanks for the review. The product is really great.

  72. Javion

    I have been a lil cautious to try out any kind of supplement for my “bedroom problems”, however I can easily say my spouse was becoming a bit irritated and I had to make a change. Before investing too much dollars on Viagara, I experimented with Virectin at the suggestion of a pal. Now I am happy to state it really works, well beyond my hopes – my partner and I are extremely delighted until now with the outcomes, and I am going to continue using Virectin down the road. Unexpected results with zero side effects!

  73. Sebastian

    I’m 38 and I had erectile dysfunction. I tried almost 5 male enhancement products, and finally decided to try virectin. I am happy with it and I don’t have erectile problem now and also I am happy with my performance.

  74. Davis

    I bought 3 bottles of Virectin from their website and it is the best male enhancement product I have ever tried, my erectile dysfunction went away and my sexual desire went up. It’s also way cheaper than any other product i have tried. Even cheaper than my prescription for Cialis. It works and I love it.

  75. Elijah K

    I always thought that virectin is a scam, but still I decided to give it a try. After using this penis enlargement for few weeks, I was convinced that this are nothing but a scam and they really don’t work. Now after using it for three months, I have a 1.5 inch longer penis and a LOT thicker. It is kind of funny how I was so convinced that this is a scam and now I’m writing a positive review here, well, life is weird.

  76. Jones

    My girlfriend never wanted me to try Virectin pills, she thought that they are just another penis enlargement scam and they may cause some sort of side effects. However I decided to still go through with my plans and I purchased the pills. First couple of months I didn’t notice any real results. But now after using it for 4 months, I have gained very good results, over two inches of extra length to my penis which I never thought of, but it did. At least it has given me good results to me.

  77. Andy

    I am planning to increase the size of my penis, which was something I might never want to live my life with. And then I checked your significant reviews, I have experienced a lot. I bought one month pack of virectin capsule just a couple of days ago, and even I’m doing this PE exercise program. I wonder if purchasing this product is a good choice. Will i still get results? As now I’m just planning is to enhance my size and if it increases my size, i will be the happiest man alive. Please help me with your experience about it.

  78. Anonymous

    Within just three weeks using virectin pills, My erection was even harder to a large extent and penetration was not an issue. The best quality analogy is that my erections previous to intercourse are the same as the early morning erections. I would like to suggest this product to those people who are facing problems regarding solid erection, bigger penis and desire more confidence.

  79. Anonymous

    I was not looking for a good deal from Virectin free offer but yet I have to share that it will give you desired results as suggested! You will seriously feel somewhat an even harder erection.

  80. Anonymous

    I was planning to buy a unique type of male enhancement product. So after reviewing some products, I bought Virectin. I got my very first shipment today and I’m so happy that now I can’t wait to try it out.