Vitamins – To Improve Sexual Performance

by Nick Swanson

Vitamins - To Improve Sexual Performance
Male enhancement vitamins are just one of the many options available in a continually growing arsenal of tools that promise to enlarge one’s penis and add an extra something to the sexual experience. These vitamins are becoming more popular over time as more customers turn toward all natural products for their health concerns. More people are being wary about the chemicals they put into their bodies and find the natural products to be a better choice for their needs.

The ingredients in male enhancement vitamins work by dilating the blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penis. They also expand the spongy tissue in the penis adding an extra enhancement to the organ. This provides a temporary enhancement to the penis size and an improvement in the sensations during sexual activities. The components have other benefits such as increased stamina, higher levels of testosterone production, fewer instances of premature ejaculation and increased sensation in the penis. Some men who take the natural enhancement vitamins prefer them because they believe the natural ingredients provide additional health benefits such as improved mood, better memory and better muscle function.

Horny goat weed, otherwise known as epimedium leaf extract, is one of the most prevalent ingredients in male enhancement vitamins. Horny goat weed contains icariin, which is believed to improve erectile function for users and to increase blood supply to the penis. More blood supply in the penis leads to a larger, stronger erection. Horny goat weed is also believed to up the production of testosterone. Cuscuta seed extract is another herb believed to provide male enhancement benefits. This herb increases live sperm counts and delivers a harder, more sustainable erection. The Ginko Biloba leaf has also provided improvements for men. Ginko Biloba increases energy levels and improves circulation. Increased blood to the penis equals a harder, larger erection.

There are plenty of other options available in the world of male enhancement vitamins. These include hawthorn berry, saw palmetto berry, Asian ginseng and Tribulus. The herbs all work with the same general idea of increasing blood flow to the penis and increasing the production of testosterone. Saw palmetto berry is generally used to treat urological issues but long-term use was connected with increased sexual function. All of the penis enlargement herbs do carry the risk of side effects, most of them do involve stomach upset, but the side effects may not occur with most users. These vitamins can generally be found at health food stores or pharmacies.