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Vreg-X 60 Overview

There is so much controversy surrounding the perception that only men who are endowed with a big cock are able to satisfy their women in bed. While this is still a topic of controversy amongst experts indeed even some women have openly suggested that they prefer men with an extra cock. This is why most men out there will tell you that they wish to have a bigger cock than they possess. Vreg-X 60 is male enhancement supplement which claims that it has the right natural ingredients which help to grow the male cock. This is something which according to the manufacturer helps to greatly boost the confidence of a man. In this detailed review of the Vreg-X, we are going to take a look at the ingredients which have been used to formulate it, its working process and various other important things about it that you need to know about.

Claims And Features – What You Need To Know


This supplement is manufactured by a company called Vreg-X 60 which is based in India. The manufacturers of the supplement claim that the supplement contains natural ingredients which can help the male cock grow bigger both in length and girth. There are also some other claims that the supplement also helps the user to realize an enhanced physical performance so that he can perform even more satisfying sex than never before. According to the manufacturer of the supplement users also stand to experience increased testosterone production in the body. But there are no clinical trials which have been shown to help back the claims which are being made by the manufacturer.

What Are The Ingredients In Vreg-X 60?

  • Lysine – This another form of essential amino acids that has got lots of proven health benefits in the body and this is why you will find it used in certain health supplements. It has been used in the supplement to help enhance erections and also bring about enhanced endurance for long lasting sexual intercourse.
  • Arginine – This is another essential amino acid which is a precursor to the chemical nitric oxide. This chemical usually helps in the dilation of the blood vessels in the body something which goes a long way to boost blood circulation in the body. With improved blood circulation in the body, there will be steady erections that are long lasting too.
  • Glycine – This unique natural ingredient helps to boost the production of nitric oxide in the body and you know that nitric oxide helps to dilate the blood carrying vessels. When this occurs more blood will be able to pass through the vessels to the cells and vital body organs.
  • Orthinine – This is yet another unique but highly potent natural ingredient which has been used in this supplement to help bring about former erections that are long lasting. This is needed for marathon sex that is preferred by some ladies out there.

Vreg-X 60 Benefits

  • The supplement features all natural ingredients which are safe and healthy.
  • It helps to boost sex drive and general sexual performance.
  • It helps to increase the cock size in terms of length and girth.
  • It helps to improve blood flow in the body.
  • The supplement enhances nutrient delivery to the organs of the body.

Vreg-X 60 Drawbacks

  • It is sold exclusively online, therefore, you may not get it at your local supplements store.
  • There is no information given about the specific amount of the ingredients used.
  • There are no clinical trials or real user reviews shown to help back its claims.
  • There some great natural ingredients such as horny goat weed or fenugreek which could have been used to help make it even more potent.

How Should You Take Vreg-X 60?

It is suggested that you take just one pill of the supplement at night with water or milk.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Using Vreg-X 60?

None have been reported so far.

The Bottom Line

Vreg-X 60 is male enhancement supplement that claims to have the right natural ingredients carefully selected to help men realize their full manly potential. The supplement claims that it can help a man grow their male members in length and also in girth. It claims that it can help men do this without the need of painful procedures like surgery or injections which can sometimes leave you with long lasting scars. Despite of the outrageous claims made by the manufacturer, do not get lured by the persuasive claims and be smart to carry out your own research before you hit that order button!

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