Ways to Increase Male Stamina – What You Can Do

by Nick Swanson

Ways to Increase Male Stamina

Although it is an easy subject to poke fun at, a couple’s sexual activity is an important part of their life together. A good sexual relationship allows two individuals to have a more successful union in the rest of their life together. For men, it can be especially difficult if they feel that they are unable to last long enough that to really satisfy their partner. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase male stamina that every man can take advantage of whether he is suffering from endurance problems, premature ejaculation or just wants to provide a better experience and more powerful orgasm for his partner.

Gaining more control by delaying ejaculation is one of the most important ways to increase male stamina. Even if an individual has all the energy in the world, it will be of no use if they achieve orgasm too soon and leave their partner unsatisfied. It takes a lot of practice and willpower but it is possible for a person to learn to slow down when they feel themselves approaching climax. Many experts recommend a stop/start method which involves taking a break when an orgasm feels eminent and resuming once the feeling has passed.
Two more important ways to increase male stamina are Kegel exercises and controlled breathing. Although many men automatically associate Kegel exercises with women, especially when it comes to child birth, men can take advantage of the control that they will gain by clinching the muscles that they use to stop urine flow and holding for 10 seconds and releasing for 10 seconds several times throughout the day. Learning to regulate breathing can also help a person last longer in the bedroom. Slow deep breaths can help a person gain control of their body if they feel that they are getting close to an orgasm.

Regular exercise with a concentration on the shoulder, back and abdominal muscles are also important ways to increase male stamina. These core muscles are used extensively during sexual activity and strengthening them will help a man to last longer during sex without getting tired. It also a good idea for a person to take note of the sexual positions that they and their partner enjoy the most. Certain positions will require different muscle groups and recognizing the muscles that are being used in these positions will allow a person to focus on them during exercise routines. Improving sexual stamina is not a difficult task if an individual is willing to put in the work.