What are Penis Lumps and What Causes It?

by Nick Swanson

Penis Lumps
Sexual health is very important and any changes that may occur in the genitals should raise a concern. A penis lump is a raised swelling that is usually irregular and occurs on the penis. When the lumps are visible in the penis, this is an indication of an underlying condition and it is an alert that something is wrong in the body.


Most of the lumps that occur in the genital region are harmless and they disappear on their own. It is still important to go for treatment to ensure that the condition is not harmful or contagious. There are several conditions that may affect the genitals and they present with lumps in the penis. Some of these lumps may disappear on their own while others will require treatment. It is advisable to be seen by the doctor where investigations can be done to ensure that all is well in the body.

There are several causes of lumps in the penis and they include

Genital Herpes

This sexually transmitted disease raises a lot of concern among people and it is caused by herpes simplex virus. The disease is usually spread through skin contact with another person who is infected. The disease is spread through sexual intercourse and the incubation period is approximately fourteen days. The infected person presents with raised lumps that are usually small and they appear on the shaft of the male sexual organ. The lumps are very sensitive and the patient is encouraged to avoid bursting them. This is because this opens the skin and this can cause a systemic infection in the bloodstream.

Pearly Penile Papules

This is usually not common but their presence will still be a cause of concern. The condition presents with lumps that occur on the penis and they do not cause any itching or irritation. The upper side of the shaft presents with lumps that are unsightly because they are colored. They are usually colored and small. They may appear in a row at the head of the penis. Pearly penile papules are not caused by a bacterium or a virus and the symptoms usually clear on their own. The condition is not contagious. When one is bothered and wants them to clear at a faster rate, it is advisable to see the doctor who can prescribe an ointment to clear them.

Fordyce Spots

The condition is presented by spots that occur on the penis and they are not caused by a sexual infection. The condition occurs in men when the glands found in the sebaceous glands become clogged. The spots are neither painful nor contagious. They usually appear as white or yellow spots on the shaft or the head of the penis. They are small and may appear on the lips or inside part of the cheeks. It is advisable for the patient to be seen by the dermatologist for treatment. The dermatologist uses a laser containing carbon dioxide and an exfoliator that is sensitive to treat the condition. The condition is usually treated for cosmetic purposes because it appears unsightly. This is because it is not a harmful pathology, not painful or contagious and it is not transmitted sexually.

Genital Warts

These lumps appear on the penis. They dare caused by the human papilloma virus. The lumps may appear below the foreskin, the shaft or at the head of penis. The condition raises a lot of concern because it has no cure. The condition is transmitted through sexual intercourse where there is contact with the skin of an infected person. The immune system of the body helps to fight the condition but the patient becomes a carrier of the virus. This means that the lumps can recur when the immunity of the patient is lowered. Recurrence may be once or regular times.

Most sexually transmitted conditions do not present with lumps on the penis. It is advisable to go for professional help in case of any abnormalities in the genital region. Sexually transmitted diseases can be avoided by practicing safe sex and being faithful to one partner. It is also important to go for regular tests together with your partner to ensure that none of you has contracted a venereal disease.


The appearance of lumps in the genital region may be a scary sight. This is because people have the notion that most of the lumps are caused by a sexually transmitted condition. Some of the lumps that appear on the genital region are not caused by anything and they appear on their own. Most of them do not require any treatment and they disappear without treatment. However, it is advisable to go for a medical checkup where investigations will be done to know the cause of the warts.