What are the Effective Treatment Options for BPH?

by Nick Swanson

BPH, also known by the medical name Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, is commonly referred to as ‘enlarged prostate’. This condition occurs most commonly in men over the age of 45 and actually affects a large percentage of men. In fact, at the microscopic level nearly all men experience some enlargement of the prostate by the time they reach later life. But those who have drastically enlarged prostates are the ones that generally encounter serious problems from it.

What are the Effective Treatment Options for BPH?

Issues associated with BPH include frequent urination, trouble urinating, a stop start problem in their urine stream, and more. The condition is also linked to some degree with prostate cancer, though recent studies have found that the link may not be quite as strong as once thought. No matter the potential problems, those who suffer from BPH will certainly want to overcome it. And there are numerous options available for men looking to overcome this issue. The right one is important to find, and discussing the situation with a physician is the best way to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Here are some of the most common BPH treatment options.

  • Lifestyle Changes – Along with the following treatment options, a few lifestyle changes should be made. These include a reduction in the consumption of caffeine and alcohol and a reduction of fluid intake before bedtime.
  • Medication – There are a few medication options when you need to combat BPH The primary ones are alpha blockers that smooth the muscles in the prostate and improve urine flow.
  • Microwave Therapy – Microwave therapy is used on a one time basis and could help to reduce overall size of the prostate and the area surrounding it.
  • Surgery – Surgery is generally a last resort since other options are often effective. However, in some cases laser or traditional surgery may be used to eliminate BPH and improve the overall health of the patient.
  • Natural Remedies – There is some evidence that natural supplements including those made from ingredients like saw palmetto, stinging nettle, rye grass, and pumpkin seed could all influence prostate health. These may or may not work depending on the patient, but they are certainly worth consideration.

Prostate health is important for all men, and taking the time to look into the different treatment options will help you figure out just which methods are right for you. The different choices offer a variety of options, and talking to your physician will help you determine the one that is right for you.