What Causes Early Ejaculation?

Even the most experienced adult sometimes has intimate questions. There might be a change in his or her body that seems abnormal or you might enjoy an experience with a new partner that is different from any before. Asking these questions can sometimes feel uncomfortable or embarrassing. Some people are willing to ask their doctor if the question seems health-related, but sometimes it is merely an issue of curiosity. There are thousands of questions that can arise from an intimate experience. A big part of the fun when it comes to sex is learning new things and trying new experiences. Sometimes though, the questions do feel uncomfortable. For instance, a man asking premature ejaculation help is going to brand him as someone who experiences early ejaculation. If a woman is asking if inverted nipples are normal, everyone will think she has inverted nipples.

So where do you go to ask intimate questions without fear of begin judged? You need to make sure you are receiving accurate information. There are plenty of places you can look up answers, but you might be led terribly astray. This is not a big deal for minor things, but if something turns out to be a sign of a serious health concern, you need to know sooner than later. Speaking to your doctors should always be your first line of defense. Though it might seem silly, most questions about sex can be traced back to what is and is not normal for someone’s body. If your doctor does not have an answer, he or she can at least refer you to a reputable resource.

You can also ask your partner about certain things. Sometimes questions about lovemaking are as simple as “what do women enjoy in bed?” The best person to answer this question is the woman you plan to spend time in bed with! Everyone is different and there is no secret move or lovemaking style that will win everyone over. If you are unsure about what your partner wants, ask. Women are not looking to be surveyed while in bed and too many questions make you seem insecure, but it never hurts to ask if there is something you can add to your lovemaking to improve the experience.

Finally, consider talking with peers. This is not going to garner any great medical advice and it will teach you little about your partner’s desires, but it can help you feel you are not alone. If you feel insecure about something, you might realize it is a common concern. Once you know others are in the same boat, you will feel better about things. Never let a friend’s advice substitute for reliable medical information, but you can help yourself feel some relief about minor issues.